Ed Sheeran Baffled to Find Stormzys Driving License in His House

The ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker reveals he found his friend’s driving license in his house but the singer insists he had no idea how the document ended up at his home.

AceShowbizEd Sheeran has Stormzy‘s driving license – but has “no idea” how it came to be in his house.

The “Bad Habits” singer – who has 12-month-old daughter Lyra with wife Cherry – is desperate to reunite his friend with the important document but the “Vossi Bop” hitmaker keeps ignoring his messages about it.

Ed said, “I’ve got Stormzy’s driver’s licence. Yeah, and I keep emailing him like ‘Bro, I have your driver’s licence’ and like he’ll like reply to something else in the email but not about the driver’s licence.”

“So I basically have my driver’s licence, my wife’s driver’s licence and his driver’s licence up in the kitchen. People come round and they’re like ‘Why have you got his driver’s licence?’ “

“I have no idea (why I’ve got it). I have no idea. It was just in my house, and yeah it was found and…”

Ed previously lived with actress Courteney Cox in Los Angeles for several months and he admitted he “took the mick” and drank her best bottles of wine, but felt guilty enough to go out and replenish her supplies.

Asked if he stole anything from her house while answering fan questions on U.K. radio show “Capital Breakfast” with Roman Kemp, he admitted, “Yeah I would go in her fridge, she always had really good leftovers. Like really good leftovers. So I guess that.

“She has a really, really nice wine cabinet with really, really nice wine in it.”

“And I got (drunk) one night on some of the stuff and I felt so bad that I went out and replaced all of it, because it was like really, really nice bottles. She’s always like ‘drink what you want’ but I kind of took the mick a bit.”

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