Kim Kardashian Dons Leather Mask & Outfit Head to Toe for NYFW

Kim Kardashian looked hell-bent for leather this weekend — and that’s no exaggeration … she was completely covered up in the material from head to toe (emphasis on the former).

The middle Kardashian sister was out in NYC Saturday, heading into the Ritz Carlton to check in ahead of the Met Gala on Monday. Of course, it’s also New York Fashion Week — and, boy, did KK make a statement with her getup in front of a crush of paps and photogs.

Check it out … Kim donned black leather from the tip of her scalp to the bottoms of her feet, which included a full face mask — complete with zippers and a ponytail hole up north.

She was also wearing a black leather trench coat, black pants and black boots to … well, boot. It was quite an outfit — and she had all eyeballs on her as she went into the building, not really stopping to chat with anyone. And, frankly, how could she … she was wrapped up!

This definitely tops her other fashion flex earlier this week, when she stepped out for a birthday dinner in Malibu in yet another black ensemble — with a trailing cape and sunglasses for good measure. She’s got the same color scheme going here … but with a slight twist. And she seems to be keeping the ‘Matrix’ vibes going too — maybe some ‘Pulp Fiction’ as well.

Also of note … this is almost in the same vein as Kanye‘s recent full head masks … a la ‘Donda’ listening events and other outings, where the dude is fully hidden from view. Makes ya wonder if she’s following in his footsteps, fashion-wise. Hmmm … ?

Anyway, after a show-stopping number like this … the pressure’s on for whatever she might rock on Monday for the big show. Can’t wait to see it!

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