What does Ipcress stand for in The Ipcress File?

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The Ipcress File has been airing on ITV and the detective TV drama stars Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole as Harry Palmer. In the latest episode Jean Courtney (played by Lucy Boynton) accompanied him to the nuclear weapons research lab. Psychiatrist Professor Radley (Simon Woodcock) had discovered something intriguing.

What does Ipcress stand for?

The drama’s second instalment saw Harry grow suspicious over a stranger following him.

The mystery man was later identified as a former agent, Randall (Brian Ferguson).

Meanwhile, professor Dawson (Matthew Steer) had secretly been in therapy with psychiatrist Radley.

Radley had just returned from California with new techniques, which Harry may have just uncovered.

At the end of the episode, Harry and Jean forced their way into a house to discover some crucial evidence.

Harry entered a room containing a film projector, but viewers were not shown what was playing on the screen.

He looked confused as he picked up an empty film case, which was labelled IPCRESS.

The term stands for ‘Induction of Psycho-Neuroses by Conditioned Reflex under Stress’.

The series is based on Len Deighton’s spy novel from 1962 and the author revealed the inspiration for the book.

In 1992 he explained how the idea came from his real-life neighbour Anna Wolkoff, who was a spy for Germany in The Second World War.

Deighton remembered when British MI5 agents came to arrest her.

The book’s plot involves mind control, with this particular brainwashing technique being similar to a shock technique called psychic driving.

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In the original novel, Palmer reveals to Jean that the intelligence broker known as Jay, and Major Dalby, were using IPCRESS to brainwash British VIPs into showing loyalty to the Soviet Union.

The book first inspired a film in 1965, which starred Michael Caine as former British Army sergeant Palmer.

In the film, scientist Radcliffe (Aubrey Richards) was kidnapped and Palmer suspected he was being held at a disused factory.

Upon carrying out a search he found a piece of audiotape marked IPCRESS that produced seemingly meaningless noise, but it turned out to have great significance.

It transpired that Radcliffe may have been subject to the IPCRESS technique.

In the third instalment of the ITV series, due to air next weekend, Randall is holding Professor Dawson in Beirut, awaiting further instruction.

Meanwhile Jean and Harry are struggling with their own personal relationships.

The Ipcress File returns on Sunday at 9pm. The whole series is available to watch now on the ITV Hub.

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