Stroppy McDonalds worker says I quit – after being asked to do washing up

A precious McDonald's worker dashed out of the kitchen in the middle of her shift – after being tasked to clean a sink full of greasy cooking tools.

Fionn McCallum, from New Zealand, went viral on TikTok after posting a video of him yelling at his manager "I quit".

In the video viewed three million times, he was tasked to clean up the tools and equipments in the kitchen and as he walked in, he saw oily trays and tubs piling up in the sink.

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The young man said: "Hell nah, I am not cleaning that, I ain't cleaning that."

He then started walking out of the kitchen and passing the galley, saying to his manager: "Actually, I quit."

The manager can be heard shouting: "What? No, get back here! Come back!"

A nearby colleague added: "Oh f*** that!"

Fionn headed towards the front door and said: "I'm leaving….Maccas! See you on the flip side, b****!"

His video left people divided as some argued it was "not even that much" washing up.

One said: "That's a normal amount of dishes at McDonald's."

"Man is asked to do his job and quits, how honourable!" another commented and a third shared: "There is usually so much more than that."

Others praised Fionn for having the courage to quit his job, as a TikToker called it a "main character moment".

A man, who seems to be able to relate the experience, said it was his "worst five years" of his life spent at McDonald's.

"Good decision my friend, you don't get paid enough for that," a third added.

Fionn said for that amount of washing up, it would take him approximately an hour and a half to clean.

Last year, two former McDonald's workers spilled secrets about their experience working in the fast food giant.

They explained the founder of McDonald's had a saying – "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean".

"There's always someone cleaning something in McDonald's – it's probably one of the cleanest fast-food restaurants around," the pair said.

"Although the saying makes me cringe, I think it's a good idea because it keeps up high cleaning standards."


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