Insomniac Games Hackers Reveal 'Spider-Man 3,' Venom, Wolverine, and X-Men Games Coming

Back on December 12, ransomware group Rhysida revealed that it had stolen 1.67 terabytes of data from Sony‘s Insomniac Games in a major hack. Demanding $2 million USD and giving a one-week deadline, Rhysida noted that it would be sharing 1.3 million files if it did not receive payment.

As the deadline expired, Rhysida made good on its threat and shared the information it had illegally acquired. Aside from internal HR documents, Slack conversations, and more private general company files, the ransomware group offered leaks of upcoming video games from Insomniac. Most notable were files that revealed plans for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, a game centered around Venom, and a Wolverine title. The Wolverine game had files regarding its level designs, characters, and even screenshots revealed.

A signed publishing agreement between Sony and Marvel also revealed that two other unnamed X-Men games are being planned. Sony reportedly plans to spend $120 million USD on each game with the Wolverine game set to release September 1, 2025 and the other expected for 2029 and 2033.

Rhysida has shared that the information it has stolen is up for auction and that they have only shared two percent of the data they acquired from Insomniac Games.
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