nanamica SS24 Makes Casualwear for the Outdoors

Tokyo-hailing outerwear label nanamica has revealed its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, setting its latest range of functional casualwear against a serene coastline in a new lookbook.

The brand has become known for its versatile and comfort-first design ethos, and this line is no different. The collection, at large, is divided into three subcategories: “Layering Lightly,” “The Usual Comfort” and “Stay Lighthearted” — each with their own standard for tailoring and construction to exist pleasantly in various environments.

“Layering Lightly” offers a bounty of staple silhouettes that offer the finishing touch to an active look on a warmer day. Among them, the Wind Shorts, the Zip-Up Wind Vest and the Coolmax Jersey Tee are built to combat the elements while in nature. “The Usual Comfort,” meanwhile, prioritizes a snug fit, with an array of roomy jackets, sweaters and trousers that are still ideal for the outdoors; and “Stay Lighthearted,” like its moniker suggests, opts for lightweight textiles on windbreakers, button-down shirts and shorts, among other items.

Overall, the line is filled with solid, adaptable essentials that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion — speaking to the brand’s fundamental pillars of “utility” and “sport.” Between the muted tones, vivid hues and sporadic patterns, the range’s vast color wheel is likely to fancy the eyes of many, too.

Explore nanamica’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection in the gallery above.
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