'Little People, Big World': What Does Zach Roloff Do for a Living?

TLC’s Little People, Big World made its television debut in 2006. When it first premiered, the show centered around Matt and Amy Roloff, who both have achondroplasia dwarfism and their four children — three of which are average-height and one who is a little person. In the early seasons of Little People, Big World, fans watched as Matt and Amy raised their four children and ran their family pumpkin farm in Helvetia, Ore. However, the Roloff family dynamics have changed considerably since the early seasons; these days, Zach is Matt and Amy’s only child still on the who today. Read on to learn more about Zach Roloff, why he decided to stay on Little People, Big World, and what he does for a living. 

Zach is the last man standing

Along with being the only Roloff child still on the show, Zach is Matt and Amy’s only child that is little like them. Matt and Amy’s four children consist of Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. Zach and Jeremy, born in 1990, are fraternal twins. Zach stands 4 feet, 4 inches tall, while Jeremy stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall. Like Jeremy, the younger siblings, Molly and Jacob, are both of average height. 

When filming first began for Little People, Big World, Zach and Jeremy were just 15 years old. Their younger sister Molly was 12 years old and their younger brother Jacob was 8 years old. So fans were able to watch the Roloff kids grow up on screen and watch from afar as the kids began to leave the nest, start their own lives, and pursue different career paths. Now, at 31, Zach is the only Roloff who has returned to the farm and films regularly for the show. 

What does Zach Roloff do for a living?

Zach’s life has changed considerably since Little People, Big World first began. He transformed from a 15-year-old soccer-obsessed high schooler to a 31-year-old husband and father of two. In July 2015, Zach married his long-time girlfriend, Tori Patton. Tori, who is of average height, gave birth to the couple’s first child, Jackson, in May 2017. The couple welcomed their second child, Lilah, into the world in November 2019. Like Zach, both Jackson and Lilah were born with dwarfism.  

Since starting a family with Tori, fans of Little People, Big World have begun to wonder: Does Zach do anything for a living aside from filming for the show? Good Housekeeping reports that filming for Little People, Big World isn’t the only source of income for Zach Roloff or his wife, Tori. To support his family, Zach helps run his parent’s pumpkin farm and coaches three youth soccer teams in Oregon. Tori Roloff was a kindergarten teacher for several years but decided to take a step back from her teaching career before giving birth to her son in 2017. Now, Tori spends her days raising her two young children and working photography gigs on the side. 

What is Zach Roloff’s net worth? 

For long-time fans of Little People, Big World, It seems like Zach Roloff has built a successful life for himself and his family. After 21 seasons of filming for Little People, Big World, and years of working at Roloff Farms, Zach has been able to amass a fair bit of wealth. Celebrity Net Worth reports that the reality TV star’s current net worth sits around $700,000. 

While Zach is the only Roloff child still filming for Little People, Big World, this could change at any time. Any of the other Roloff kids (except for Jacob) could decide to return to the show in the future — or maybe even make a small cameo appearance in upcoming episodes. With Jeremy and Audrey expecting their third child, fans of the show would love to see more Roloff kids make a return appearance. As for now, only time will tell what’s next for Zach and the rest of the Roloff siblings. 

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