Alice Evans claims she is so in love right now, one month after her divorce was finalized

I missed the fact that Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd’s divorce was finalized one month ago. The last time I dipped my toe into covering this catastrophic situation was back in June, when one of Alice and Ioan’s daughters claimed that Ioan’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace assaulted her, then Ioan went to court to basically say that Alice is still a f–king psycho and she’s done a crazy amount of damage to their daughters. While much of Alice and Ioan’s two-and-a-half year divorce battle was waged in public and in court, there’s not much detail in the reporting of their divorce coming through. I don’t believe they’ve actually settled the most pressing concern, custody of their daughters. Well, after all of that drama, guess who is moving on?

Alice Evans has found love again, weeks after her divorced from Ioan Gruffudd was made official. Following a bitter split from Ioan after 14 years of marriage, Alice, 55, revealed she has fallen madly in love with a mystery suitor. Alice took to Instagram to share a number of pictures of herself with daughters Ella, 13, and Elsie, nine, as they celebrated her 55th birthday, and teased fans with information about her new partner.

She wrote: “We had the BEST TIME EVER. Instagram won’t let me put in all the pics in one go. ( wisely, probably!) I am SO in love right now and cannot believe I only felt this level of intense love at 55. More info coming. Love you all for being so kind to me. I will never forget. I may sound cryptic but life has taught me ( at least on small measures) to be cautious. All will become clear. Love love love love you all.”

Alice did not share any pictures of her new love. Meanwhile, Alice and Ioan’s marriage was officially dissolved on July 3 after he filed for bifurcation and termination of marital status on May 18, to allow them to be declared legally divorced even as they continue settlement and custody negotiations in their split.

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My guess is that Alice’s mystery suitor lives in the attic of her profoundly disordered mind. Then again, there’s a lid for every pot, and I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants to be with an abusive narcissist who terrorized her ex-husband for three years. Good luck to him. Incidentally, this is what it will take for Alice to stop focusing all of her rage on Ioan and Bianca: she needs someone else to focus on, she’ll need a new man. And again, good luck to that guy. But god, her poor daughters. Those poor children.

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