Audrey Roloff Flaunts Baby Bump, Wonders: Am I Having a Boy or Girl?!

In a new and revealing Instagram Stories photo, Audrey Roloff has made one thing very clear:

She’s pregnant.

Like, VERY, VERY pregnant, as you can see down below via a pair of snapshots that show off the podcast host and author’s ever-expanding baby bump.

In the second of these photos, however, Audrey emphasizes one aspect of her pregnancy that is far more ambiguous.

Are she and husband Jeremy about to welcome a son or a daughter?

The couple — who formerly appeared on Little People, Big World but who left the series in 2018 in order to focus on projects of their own — is already parents to a son named Bode and a daughter named Ember.

Upon confirming she was expecting in early July, Audrey referred to the fetus growing inside of her womb as a “tiebreaker.”

She doesn’t know which gender the baby will be … but she wants to know what YOU think.

“Are we feeling girl or boy vibes?” Audrey asked followers upon sharing the picture directly above.

For sort of ridiculous and incomprehensible reasons, lots of folks actually responded to this question — as if they could possibly have any idea whether a son or a daughter is on the way.

People just love to speculate on the topic, though!

Ever since announcing her third pregnancy, Audrey has been keeping fans very well apprised of her status, uploading several baby bump photos and writing such captions as this one back on August 12:

7 months.I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.

We’ve been having more conversations about names lately…

It’s harder to be prepared for both genders, but we are so excited to be surprised this time.

Audrey is due in November, and isn’t the only member of her famous family to be pregnant.

Sister-in-law Isabel is also expecting, announcing this summer that she and Jacob Roloff will become first-time parents in December.

On the unfortunate end of the baby spectrum, Tori Roloff has been candid about the trouble she and husband Zach have had trying to conceive.

Our heart absolutely shatters for them.

“I really thought I would pregnant again by now. So many people told me after a loss it usually happens so fast. That’s not our reality,” wrote Tori just over a week after Audrey told the world she was pregnant again.

“Our pastor reminded me this Sunday that God leads us in a way that makes us dependent on Him. Following Jesus doesn’t mean there will be no pain- it means that his powers are bigger than our pain.

“I am a faithful servant and I pray that I’m not forgotten.

“Just like [late daughter] Hannah.”

Concluded Roloff back then:

So that’s where I’m at. Fully dependent on God. Praying that one day we will be able to add to our family. But also giving thanks for the small things.

I wanted to also say thank you to every single one of you who have shared your stories with me. It in a way makes things easier and harder all at the same time.

To all those mamas past present and future- love you.

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