‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Dylan Barbour Mocks Critic Who Says Hannah Godwin Can Do ‘Much B

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at your haters!

It’s the route Bachelor In Paradise star Dylan Barbour went after a critic publicly shaded his relationship with fellow contestant Hannah Godwin via social media.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, the two have been inseparable ever since they met (and overcame a few bumps in the road) on the dating competition show this summer.

The pair’s love story might truly get a happy ending as they are rumored to be getting engaged on Tuesday night’s finale of BiP on ABC.

The general consensus among Bachelor Nation is that Barbour and Godwin are end game. #Goals, if you will.

Well, a Bach fan named Lauren Jensen doesn’t agree and apparently thinks the 24-year-old model could do a whole lot better than a guy like Dylan!

Jensen dropped her opinion in the comments section of a video shared by Paradise‘s Instagram account, which featured Hannah telling a funny story about her man. The disgruntled user wrote:

“You could do so much better than Dylan! You need a MAN!”


For the record, Barbour seems like such a stand-up guy! According to his contestant bio, the 25-year-old is a tech entrepreneur — which sounds like a “manly” job to us. LOLz.

But, more to the point, he’s been openly devoted to Godwin from day one and gone above and beyond to nurture their relationship. When Hannah was conflicted on her feelings for Blake Hortsmann and Wills Reid early on, the one-time Bachelorette star waited patiently for his lover to decide. And, he didn’t act like an immature little boy about it, either. So, Lauren’s point of view doesn’t exactly hold up for us.

But, then again — it’s her opinion!

As we mentioned at the top, Barbour had a humorous response to the shady comment. He quipped:

“You tell her Lauren”

Thanks to the popular IG account Comments by Bachelor, you can read through the witty exchange captured (below):

Ha! Now that’s how you clapback! LOLz.

Earlier this month, the star confirmed his genuine love for Godwin (and seemingly spoiled the season’s finale) when he dropped the “L” word in this retweet (below):

Screw the haters. We’re rooting for these two!

If the rumors are true and the pair does end up getting engaged on national TV, they’ll join a growing list of BiP couples — like Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch — whose romances continued after the cameras stopped rolling.

Perezcious readers, will U be tuning in to the Paradise season 6 finale? Thoughts on Hannah and Dylan?

Let us know in the comments (below)!

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