BBC Breakfast's Jon Kay left red-faced live on air

BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay left red-faced as co-star Rachel Burden urges him to ‘strip off’

BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay was left red-faced after his co-star Rachel Burden urged him to strip off while live on air.

The TV presenters were chatting to reporter Emma Vardy, who was covering a story about fast fashion.

Emma informed viewers that is costs less and is better for the environment as she changed clothes through out the programme. 

Jon labelled Emma as a ‘Eurovision host,’ due to her multiple outfit changes – which included a bold pink blazer.

Emma replied: ‘Trust me, I am making the absolute most of it… I’m off to choose my next outfit!’

Remark: BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay was left red-faced after his co-star Rachel Burden urged him to strip off while live on air

Jon added: ‘There’s plenty to choose from’ while Rachel said: ‘I want them all’.

Later in the show, the presenting duo announced that Coronation Street star Ellie Leach was the latest celebrity to join this year’s Strictly Come Dancing cast.

Rachel commented: ‘I’d love it if you stood up and just ripped off your clothes and there was a sequin outfit underneath.’

Jon was left stunned before turning to the camera: ‘I can’t tell you anything’.

It comes after Jon hit back at his co-host Sally Nugent in an awkward exchange during a segment about weight.

The TV presenter was left red-faced after her co-host, 53, caught her looking at him while he referenced overweight men.

Jon and Sally were discussing a story which claimed men who consume more eggs are happier, according to a recent study.

Discussing the research, which found that more aggressive men were fatter and heavier, Sally glanced over to Jon during the conversation.

She said: ‘ Apparently, eating eggs, particularly for men can make you less angry,’ to which Jon jokingly shouted: ‘What!’

She continued: ‘Jon is never angry never ever, ever.

‘They studied 168 men, from 35 to 55 who had been given regression counselling by work, to diets that were compared to those of colleagues who had not been referred.

‘The more aggressive men were found to be fatter and heavier.’

Noticing Sally glancing over at him, Jon hit back and said: ‘Sorry, but you looked at me then!’

Sally awkwardly joked: ‘I didn’t know where to look that’s all! If you have more protein in your eggs, you’re said to be happier.’

Jon ended the segment saying: ‘Alright, we’ll leave it there.’

Awkward! Jon hit back at his co-host Sally Nugent on this morning’s show in an awkward exchange during a segment about weight

However, the comment appeared to play on Jon’s mind as he struggled to get his words out to present the next news story.

Discussing another article, he said: ‘A family who run a cafe in Kent are selling up – they’ve got 8,500 teapots to get rid of so it’s another breakfast theme.

‘They’ve got a Churchill one, they’ve got a Del Boy one.’

Jon struggled to pronounce the ‘R2-D2 teapot’ the cafe had on offer as Sally laughed at her co-host.

‘That’s difficult to say,’ Sally quipped as Jon attempted to continue on with the report.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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