Ben Shephard put in difficult position by boss in early GMTV days

Ben Shephard, 48, has opened up about being put in a “difficult position” in his early days as an Entertainment Reporter for GMTV. 

The Good Morning Britain star spoke about the pressure reporters were under to ask certain questions on the red carpet in a refreshingly honest interview with Gaby Roslin, 58, on her podcast.

During their chat, Gaby pointed out that while the ITV star always seems enthusiastic about his job, he doesn’t make a concerted effort to attend every red carpet event. 

“It’s a lovely by-product of working in television, that you have a bit of profile so you get invited to nice things occasionally and that can be fantastic,” Ben mused. 

“I think one of the reasons maybe is that one of my first jobs when I joined GMTV to Entertainment Today with Jenni (Falconer).”

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“I was an Entertainment Reporter, essentially, so we were out every night at a party of some sort but on the red carpet at those parties. 

“And as glamorous and as fun as that is, it’s really blooming hard work trying to get interviews from people.”

Ben went on to explain how he sometimes felt serious pressure from his bosses to get the best angle. 

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“You’ve got an Editor that wants you to get certain questions from people that you don’t necessarily want to ask because it’s got a news angle,” he said. 

“And you’re put in a difficult position, so you learn your trade really quickly. You work until really late, you go and edit your piece and then you could be on the next morning talking about it. 

“And I was out an awful lot, so when the opportunity came to move into the studio and be more of the anchor rather than a reporter I grabbed it with both hands.”

Ben then went on to reason that being at home with friends and family was “the thing I value the most”. 

“I don’t get to see the people I really love enough,” he stated. “So spending time with people that I don’t really know is not something that I massively yearn for.”

Following his stint on GMTB, Ben became a co-host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid, Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins.

That Gaby Roslin Podcast is available to listen to now on streaming platforms. 

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