Bill Maher Warns Viewers on 'Real Time' Harvard Makes Students Stupid

Bill Maher has an urgent message for kids who are considering college — DON’T GO … and if you must, avoid Harvard at all costs because it will turn you into an idiot.

The ‘Real Time’ host unloaded on elite colleges, which have lost their tolerance for ideas that don’t check the “right” boxes.

He, of course, raised the war currently raging in the Middle East, where the prevailing view on college campuses is to excuse and/or ignore the worst terrorism since the Holocaust and support Hamas. He noted 34 student groups at Harvard signed a petition condemning Israel, and 5 groups retracted their support, saying they didn’t read the petition carefully enough.

Bill calls Harvard and other elite schools a daycare center where the toddlers can fire the adults. Of course, the President of Harvard and the other schools have approached the war and other issues with deafening silence.

But boy, did BM go in on Harvard, saying if ignorance were a disease, Harvard Yard would be the Wuhan Wet Market.

And then he ticks off a list of Harvard grads, including Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Pat Robertson, Tom Cotton, Jared Kushner, Steve Banning, George W. Bush, calling them eminently face-punchable!

College … it ain’t what it used to be.

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