Brad Pitt is genuinely beloved & staying low-key in general around his b-day

Brad Pitt turned 58 years old on December 18th. It’s remarkable to think about his age in the context of how Pitt exists in the cultural and gossip zeitgeist as someone who is magically not responsible for anything involving his life. He’s spent decades as a famous man, and in those decades, his image has been made of teflon. Nothing is ever Brad’s fault and why should that change as he approaches his 60th year on this earth? Thankfully, People Magazine had a story about his birthday and how low-key and “genuinely beloved” he is.

Brad Pitt is keeping it “low-key” for his birthday weekend. The two-time Academy Award winner doesn’t intend to go all out with the festivities when he marks his 58th trip around the sun on Saturday. “He plans to have a low-key birthday. Just sort of hanging out,” an insider tells PEOPLE.

“He’s staying low-key in general. That’s really the kind of guy he is anyway,” the source says, adding that since his birthday is at the end of the year, “it’s a natural time for reflection for him.”

Pitt has had a busy year, filming two movies with Sandra Bullock. He makes a cameo in her upcoming romantic comedy adventure The Lost City, which also stars Channing Tatum; and, along with Joey King and Bad Bunny, he and Bullock also filmed Bullet Train in Los Angeles earlier this year. “It was a challenging year for everybody with COVID and filming amidst that,” says the source, adding that the actor is looking forward to 2022.

Pitt — who has been in an ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie since their split in 2016 — is “trying to stay positive and think about next steps and look ahead and hopefully have an even more positive year,” the source explains. “The situation with the kids is still a difficult situation. It sucks. It is what it is. His kids matter the most to him. But there are just processes you have to go through.”

Fortunately, he has a solid support system to lean on. “He is genuinely beloved,” the insider says. “People really like him, and he does have a strong circle supporting him.”

[From People]

I think it’s worth noting that Pitt probably is “genuinely beloved” in many LA/Hollywood circles. His successful Oscar campaign for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was evidence of that, his peers fell all over themselves to give him awards. It does feel like that comment in particular is pointed at Angelina Jolie. As in, Brad is genuinely beloved and she isn’t? Well, I’m not sure that’s the case. As for the source’s vagueness around Brad and Angelina’s custody drama, what is the “source” supposed to say? That the California Supreme Court handed Brad his ass? That the higher courts don’t take kindly to unethical collusion between Pitt’s lawyers and private judges? Thank god he’s “genuinely beloved” though.

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