Bradley Whitford Says Stephen King's Diversity Oscar Tweet is Ignorant

Bradley Whitford is calling out Stephen King for his color-blind approach to Oscar voting, saying it’s ignorant and underestimates one HUGE advantage they both have: WHITE.

We talked to the ‘West Wing’ vet Wednesday at LAX about King’s controversial tweet, reacting to movie fans and critics pissed about this year’s Oscar nominees lacking diversity. In a nuthsell, King, who voted on the nominees, said he was only judging on quality … not diversity.

Brad didn’t hesitate to challenge the legendary author, telling us King should consider the fact not everyone is afforded the same opportunities in Hollywood ’cause it matters. He didn’t use the phrase, but read between the lines … he’s talking about white privilege.

He’s not alone either. Remember, Tyler Perry was heated after the nominations came out Monday, and went off about a couple snubs of women of color — namely, Jennifer Lopez and Awkwafina.

Now, in fairness to Stephen, who was skewered online after his initial tweets … he seemed to get why fans were so pissed. Hours later, he tweeted about the importance of Hollywood telling stories about under-represented people — AKA anyone but white men.

To hit that point home, Brad says something pretty spot-on about the industry as a whole, and then offers a brief list of artists and films HE believes were snubbed.

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