Bryshere Gray Confident He Will Be Cleared From Accusations Over 7-Eleven Dispute

The ‘Empire’ actor has been questioned by police in Orlando, Florida after a 7-Eleven cashier accused him of spitting on the floor and throwing a bag of chips at her when confronted about it.

AceShowbiz -“Empire” star Bryshere Y. Gray is under police investigation after he was involved in a dispute with a store clerk in Florida.

The actor, who is also known as rapper Yazz, was questioned by cops in Orlando last month (December 2019), when he was accused of spitting on the floor of a 7-Eleven.

The cashier claims Gray, who was accompanied by a pal, began hurling foul-mouthed insults at her when he was confronted about his alleged behaviour, and threw a bag of chips before departing the store.

However, Gray told police it was his friend who had spit on the ground, and he even tried to make amends by cleaning up the mess, only to have the clerk shout at him and throw something in his direction.

According to TMZ, he’s confident surveillance footage of the incident will clear his name as the instigator, although that has yet to happen as the case is still under investigation.

No arrests were made at the time due to the conflicting statements and the lack of visible injuries, and while Gray declined to pursue charges, the clerk has made it clear she wants the actor prosecuted, should police agree that he is at fault.

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