Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife cried as she lost her virginity to Elvis Presley

Caitlyn Jenner 's ex-wife Linda Thompson described the moment she broke down in tears as she lost her virginity to Elvis Presley.

The actress and songwriter dated the King of Rock 'n' Roll for four and a half years, back when she was a beauty pageant winner and recently crowned Miss Tennessee.

Linda, now 69, was just 22 when she met Elvis, who was 15 years her senior and a longtime object of her affection.

Before she met and married I'm A Celebrity campmate Caitlyn, who was then known as Bruce before her transition, in 1981, Linda was Elvis' girlfriend.

She wrote about their time together in her autobiography A Little Thing Called Life.

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Linda, who recalls once telling her parents she was going to marry Elvis when she grew up, dated the famous singer from 1972 to 1976, and in that time they were together almost 24/7.

Linda, who shares sons Brody and Brandon with Caitlyn, says she was a virgin when she met Elvis, describing herself as a good Southern girl.

And she says that despite him being used to getting whatever he wanted because he was famous, he vowed not to put pressure on her to have sex before she was ready.

He was a man of his word, or as Linda would say, a true Southern gentleman.

After two months of living together and sharing a bed every night, Linda says she was finally ready to go all the way with Elvis.

She wrote: "We were in our king-sized bed on a pedestal, with a mirrored ceiling above us, reflecting Elvis and me tangled in loving entwinement of arms, legs, kisses and deeply felt intimacy. And let's just say if you're not ready then, you're never going to be ready in your whole entire lifetime.

"It was time to go big or go home. It was all so unbelievably romantic, and perfect, and heartfelt, and I knew I was ready to make love with this man I absolutely adored with all of my heart and soul.

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"He was so sweet and tender with me, and yet I was overcome by emotion, and I began to cry softly. I believe I had attached so much significance to losing my virginity I needed to shed a few tears over the moment.

"Looking back, I realise how antiquated my perception of the entire scene was, but remember Elvis was an old-fashioned guy who appreciated the heck out of my innocence. Elvis head me close, comforting me. 'Honey, don't cry,' he said. 'Please don't cry'."

Linda says there were just a few teardrops moistening her flushed cheeks as she and Elvis held each other's gaze.

She says he then had a change of directive.

She continued: "'No, go ahead,' he said. 'You go ahead. You cry. That's what you need to do right now. You do anything you want to. If you want to cry, you cry, sweetheart.'

"In that moment, as in so many others, he was such a loving, kind, compassionate partner. That's why he got away with so much, I think now, with a knowing laugh, when I look back on our time together."

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