Charli DAmelio Reflects On Winning Dancing with the Stars Season 31

It’s been a couple of days since Charli D’Amelio became the season 31 winner of Dancing with the Stars!

The 18-year-old TikTok star and her dance partner Mark Ballas were crowned on Monday night (November 21) and she’s now speaking out, reflecting on the journey and thanking fans for all the support.

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“i don’t even know where to start, i’m at a loss for words because this experience was indescribable. this was unlike anything i’ve ever done before in the best way, i have made so many amazing friends and learned so much about myself in just ten weeks i will forever look back on this as a journey that turned out a million times better than i could’ve ever imagined!” Charli wrote on Instagram.

“first, i want to say thank you to all of you who voted for mark and i each week it truly is thanks to you that we got to take home the mirrorball trophy!” she continued. “i also want to say a huge thank you so every single person on the @dancingwiththestars team i am so thankful for every single person that makes this show as amazing as it is!”

She then thanked her dance partner, saying, “i want to give a huge thank you to @markballas you were more than just a dance partner to me thank you for truly giving this your all watching you create first hand and getting to be apart of these incredible preformances was a dream come true! you were here for me through every step of this experience, and i am so glad that we got to go through this together i will forever know i have you by my side as not only a dance partner but as family thank you for believing in me from day one.”

Mark commented on her post, simply writing, “Always Charls 👊🏼”

He also shared a lengthy post on his own account, which you can read in full below!

Once again, congratulations Charli and Mark!!

If you missed it, Charli will be joining the DWTS Live Tour 2023 on select tour stops.

Mark Ballas’ post about winning DWTS with Charli…

I was extremely hesitant about joining this season & was leaning towards saying no as I felt this chapter of my life had come to a close. After receiving the offer & thinking about it a while, for some strange reason I took the leap & said yes. After 5 years of not creating in this arena the ideas started flooding out quite quickly, then I had my first meet w/ @charlidamelio As shy & timid as she was for those first few weeks, I knew there was something extremely special in there, which became even more apparent after our first performance. Over the following weeks we built a bond, friendship & trust that was unique & unbreakable. Charli.. you are truly one in a million, a total diamond 💎 the thing that impressed me most about you aside from your natural talent & gift was your STELLAR attitude, you worked so hard, put in extra hours, were never on your phone in rehearsal go mode & had total trust in me and all my wild ideas. Not once did you question me, whenever I ran an idea by you or asked you which direction, song, costume or move you liked, you would always say ‘I trust you so… whatever you think will work best’
You were so kind & polite to my wife & family & would make sure you got pictures with every single child & person that wanted one after the Monday night live shows..
I will miss our daily car rides to and from practice, hittin up the McDonald’s drive through, Introducing you to Brittish Grime & 90s Alt music (you’re welcome by the way) & the many laughs we shared.. We always had fun but also knew when to focus & I don’t think I heard you complain once, even when your feet were literally bleeding. We created a body of work that I will always be proud of & to say that I’m proud of you is an understatement.
Enjoy this moment with your whole heart because you deserve this Char. I feel honored & privileged to have been your coach, partner, friend & big brother 💚

Love you Champ 👊🏼

~ The strongest person in the room is usually the quietest

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