Charlize Theron's Favorite Celebrity Instagram Feed Is Relatable

Charlize Theron is known around the globe for her acting talent, success, and stunning beauty. The actress and mother of two leads a life many can relate to, but her favorite Instagram feed is extremely relatable. While giving a speech recently, Theron name-dropped an A-list Instagram feed in attempts to expand on what kind of work she’d like to do.

Who is Charlize Theron?

Theron is an acclaimed actress that hails from South Africa. She is known for her iconic roles in films like Monster, Tully, and Bombshell. Theron’s work has been recognized with an array of awards from an Academy Award to a Golden Globe Award.

Recently, Theron was honored with the Glamour 2019 Woman of the Year Award. When asked about what success means to her, Theron revealed how box office performance doesn’t guide career success for her.

She said: “Well, it definitely doesn’t mean box office. If you’re going to do it, let it be on something that actually means something to you.

Charlize Theron loves Oprah Winfrey’s Instagram feed

Theron recently dished on which celebrity Instagram she loves the most. The answer is relatable: Oprah Winfrey.

Theron shared this insight when she accepted Glamour’s Woman of the Year Awards. In her acceptance speech, Theron likens Winfrey’s feed on the photo-sharing platform to Xanax.

She says: “It’s clear to me that my job as a storyteller — whether I’m acting or producing or talking to my kids at night before bed — is to create as much empathy as I can.”

Theron continues: “I’m talking about more than just the feeling you get when you look at Oprah’s Instagram feed. Although believe me, that does a pretty good job at filling the void these days. Have you seen her holding vegetables that she grows in her garden? It’s like Xanax.”

What is Oprah’s Instagram feed like?

Who doesn’t love Winfrey? Her Instagram is just as calming and subtly glamorous as the star herself.

The photos are personal, and pretty without being over-worked. Some people color coordinate every aspect of their Instagram pics, but Winfrey is much more natural, and her photos don’t look staged.

Winfrey uses the platform as a way to engage with readers and fans of her book club. She frequently posts about what she’s reading, and what she likes about certain books. It’s fun for fans to have another way to interact with Winfrey’s famous book club.

She also uses Instagram to shout out to her friends. Gayle King appears often, naturally. If King and Winfrey aren’t #FriendshipGoals, we don’t know who is. All in all, it’s one of the better Instagram feeds out there.

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