Chris Martin Joins Beck For Live Performance Of ‘Loser’

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin joined Beck for a live performance of Beck’s 1994 hit “Loser” at the Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Among the guests who witnessed the surprise collaboration were Jordan Peele and Judy Chicago, who were honored at the event. JJ Abrahams, Tom Ford and Dakota Johnson were also among the audience.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chris Gardner captured the moments and shared them on social media. The video shows Martin remaining seated on the stage as he joins Beck, accompanied by five musicians, who also remain seated.

Beck and Martin, who were bandmates for a while in 2016, have teamed up several times in the past.

In 2015, they performed “Heart is a Drum” at the Grammys, when Beck won album of the year for Morning Phase.

(Photo: Christopher Johnson)

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