Clarksons Farms Kaleb Cooper forced to rely on family help as fuel woes hit Diddly Squat

Kaleb Cooper fumes days after announcing exciting news

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Kaleb Cooper has complained about the “killer” price of fuel in a new Instagram post. The hardworking farmer is due to appear in the second series of Clarkson’s Farm after it proved to be a smash hit for Amazon Prime.

Clarkson’s Farm follows former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run his own farm for the first time.

Hailing from Chipping Norton, Kaleb was introduced to the show as a local farmer, who was brought in to help Jeremy run Diddly Squat Farm.

Kaleb took to Instagram today to share an update with his one million followers from the farm.

He uploaded a video with the caption: “Fuel price is a killer.

“I’m going back to old school farming using the real horse power,” he added with a laughing emoji. (sic)

In the video, Kaleb said: “So I’ve just ordered some red diesel for the contracting business.

“Cost me £2000 for 1,800 litres, so mum if you’re watching this…”

At this point, Kaleb panned the camera towards a dark brown horse with a blonde mane.

“I’m borrowing your horse! We’re going to go and plant some more spring barley.

“Come on Carlos, good boy!” he told the horse, as he led it away.

Many of Kaleb’s followers took to the comments section and joined in on the joke. 

Prime Video UK commented: “If you ride it to London you can avoid the ULEZ charge too.”

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Dave wrote: “Time to return to cowboy times lol.”

“Watch out Chipping Norton there’s a new cowboy in town,” Kaleb replied with a laughing emoji.

While Sheepishfibreart penned: “That’ll need green diesel,” to which Kaleb responded, “Still think it will be cheaper.” 

Ryan Black wrote: “I mean, it worked well enough to feed the country halfway into last century, so why not?”

Stephen added: “Yeah, same here, they say buy electric, right lol some things take horse power.” (sic)

While Laurenne quipped: “It would be way quicker for me to commute by horse, alas. 

“There isn’t anywhere for me to leave him at work.” 

Clarkson’s Farm Season two is expected to be released on Amazon Prime later this year.

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