Claudia Winkleman: ‘Going to marry him’ Strictly host recalls secret chat about husband

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 presenter Claudia Winkleman, 47, tied the knot with producer Kris Thykier, 47, in 2000.

The pair have three children together; Jake, 16, Matilda, 13, and Arthur, eight.

Back in September in a column for The Times Luxx magazine, she made a reference to her husband and her love life before marriage.

She began: “It’s like when you think back to the first kiss with your first true love.

“Sure, you’d snogged Nigel in the Swiss Cottage Odeon stairwell (or this might just be me) and had a fiddle with Rupert at a Gatecrasher ball.”

Seemingly referencing her husband, she continued: “But when he, you know, the one, took your head into his hands and placed his mouth on yours, fireworks went off, your knees buckled, you breathed slightly differently and you didn’t quite know why you’d kissed anyone before.

She added of secret chat with her parents: “You called your parents afterwards and said, ‘I’m going to marry him,’ then immediately bought Agent Provocateur underwear that was indeed scratchy, but somehow just right.”

Despite her cheeky details about life before marriage, Claudia is now happily married to Kris.

Last year, Tess Daly’s co-star spoke out about family life in a rare admission.

Claudia Winkleman said she feels “guilty” about a typical morning routine in their family’s home.

It’s like when you think back to the first kiss with your first true love.

You called your parents afterwards and said, ‘I’m going to marry him’

“The kids wake up really early at 7am,” she told Hello! Magazine.

“We’re all up making breakfast, do the drop off then come back and I’m back into bed.

“I feel bad and guilty for saying that.”

She added: “It’s slightly chaotic. It’s a bit better now that they’re older.

“Once they start to get dressed themselves, then you’re on to a winner.

“There was a time when I was putting on socks and shoes.”

Away from her family life, Claudia is currently fronting the current series of Strictly Come Dancing alongside Tess, 50.

Earlier this month, Tess Daly said Claudia was “sick” during a show last month.

In an interview on the Scummy Mummies podcast, she said: “Claudia was sick last week, she had the worst flu, a hacking cough.

“She could barely breathe, but as soon as you go live… the adrenaline… it’s like super fuel.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight at Saturday at 6.40pm.

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