Concerned for my welfare Chris Packham on family fears and upped security since attack

Chris Packham talks about impact of car blast on his family

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Chris Packham, 60, was on BBC’s Crimewatch this morning to discuss the terrifying “firebomb attack” that happened at his house in October. The wildlife expert went into detail about what happened and revealed his family’s concern for his own welfare after the “upscaling” of these attacks.

I never wanted to live enclosed.

Chris Packham

Chris spoke to Rav Wilding this morning on Crimewatch, in a bid to find those who attacked his home in October last year.

The broadcaster said that two men set a vehicle on fire at the gate of his home, causing a dangerous blaze.

The attack and many other threats, including finding dead animals outside his home, as well as death threats through the post, have caused concerns for his family.

Discussing his family’s concern, Chris told Rav Wilding: “As you say, it’s quite frightening, it’s a direct attack if you like, rather than dead animals being left outside, which I am afraid has come quite a common place.

“It’s an upscaling. But yes, my partner, who is relatively resolute, is certainly perturbed.”

He continued: “My step daughter who has grown up in a theatre where I have been campaigning and has been perhaps even more used to the threats is concerned about my welfare more than anything else to be quite honest with you.”

Chris also recalled the events in detail in a bid to bring more information to catch the perpetrators.

He said: “It was October 8, myself and the dogs went to bed rather early for us, just before midnight.

“Then shortly after 12.30am there was an enormous explosion, it was the first I knew of the incident.

“The car had clearly exploded, the bang was tremendous. The dogs flew off the bed and straight away. Where I live we are not prone to any sort of loud interruptive noises at night so it was quite startling.”

He continued: “It had, by that stage, well destroyed the gate, damaged a lovely old tree that’s by the gates there, which obviously saddened me as well.

“I never wanted to live enclosed. I wanted the freedom to express my views and ask people to change their minds.

“Subsequent to this upscaling of the threats we have again taken police advice and upped security at the property.”

Chris even took to Twitter last night to show the care in a blaze in preparation for today’s TV appearance.

In view of his 540,900 followers, he penned: “Tomorrow I’ll be speaking on @BBCCrimewatch on @BBCOne at 10am about the firebomb attack on my home last October.

“DI Howard Broadribb CID from the superb @HantsPolice will reveal new evidence.

“If anyone has any information please call 101 quoting incident reference 44210403698.”

Chris’ activism in the cause of wildlife conservation has resulted in both online and offline harassment, including physical threats against him.

The fire at his property came a day before he delivered a 100,000 signature petition to Buckingham Palace, which called on the Royal Family to conserve nature on their estates and reintroduce animals like beavers and the wild boar.

Chris previously discussed a “very calculated” death threat he received in 2019 after campaigning for measures to protect birds from being shot.

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