Daisy May Cooper's proud mother speaks about her daughter's Bond role

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Daisy in a Bond film? It’s the first she’s heard about it!’: Daisy May Cooper’s ‘unbelievably proud’ mother reveals her daughter thinks it’s ‘hilarious’ she has been touted as the new ‘M’

  • Daisy May Cooper’s proud mother says her daughter is destined for Hollywood 
  • There is speculation the This Country star is linked to a big role in the next Bond 

Daisy May Cooper’s proud mother says her daughter is destined for Hollywood after being linked with a life-changing role in the next James Bond movie.

Speaking from her home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Gillian Cooper told MailOnline the actress would be a ‘fantastic choice’ to play spy chief ‘M’ in the 007 franchise, a role previously played by acting heavyweights Dame Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes, despite the fact she’s yet to be officially approached.

And she also revealed her recent weightloss, sparked by her divorce from husband Will Weston, is down to her hectic work schedule rather than the ‘Keto diet’ as speculated.

Speaking about her daughter’s fame and links with James Bond, Gillian says: ‘Daisy’s everywhere at the moment, I’ll scramble through my phone and her picture will come up.

‘She was with me this morning and we saw the story in the news about her playing ‘M’ in the new Bond movies and she thought it was hilarious.

Daisy May Cooper has been linked with a life-changing role in the next James Bond movie and could potentially play spy chief ‘M’ – previously portrayed by acting heavyweights Dame Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes. But her mother says the actress has not been approached to take on the role – yet

Speaking from her home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Gillian Cooper, Daisy May’s mother (pictured right) told MailOnline the actress would be a ‘fantastic choice’ for M – although admitted her daughter found the idea ‘hilarious’

‘She’s not heard anything. Where that’s come from? I’ve no idea.

‘I don’t know if someone’s put her name forward, but she’d be perfect, and it’d be a really different direction for her and for the Bond films because she’d put back a bit of humour.

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‘She’d be a fantastic choice for them if they did it. But it’s the first she’s heard about it.’

The Sun revealed this week Daisy was ‘in talks’ to play the iconic role, with script consultant Phoebe Waller Bridge believed to be putting the This Country star forward to give the movie a comedy edge.

Gillian says Daisy’s transition from comedy star to blockbuster movie actress has always been on the cards as performing is in her genes.

Indeed, her brother Charlie Baker, her co-star and fellow writer on This Country, is equally as talented, according to Gillian.

She explains: ‘I’m unbelievably proud of Daisy and Charlie. The two of them are just incredible.

‘This is something that Daisy has been destined for because writing and performing is something she’s been wanting to do from the moment she was able to walk. 

Clowning about: Gillian says her daughter was always into comedy, even as a child (pictured), but insisted Daisy May is now ready to change from comedy star to blockbuster movie actress

Gillian said she was proud of Daisy May and her younger brother Charlie – who is the actress’s co-star and fellow writer on This Country. The pair are pictured together as children

‘We just knew that was what she was going to do.

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‘It runs in the family, their father Paul used to be in a band, Trevor, Daisy and Charlie’s uncle, is an actor and their grandfather, Bob Cooper, was a GP but also a writer who wrote a lot of stories and was popular on the after-dinner circuit, holding talks and writing groups and so was a very clever man as well.’

Since her split from her husband and father of two kids, Will Weston, in July 2021, Daisy has undergone a body transformation, losing several stones in weight.

She has been flaunting her new figure on social media and, most notably, last month’s Brit Awards when she presented a gong on stage alongside writing partner Selin Hizli.

Gillian confirms Daisy did initially lose weight via the carb-reducing Keto diet, but her busy work schedule has helped keep the pounds off.

Plus, the fact she’s single for the first time in her adult life means she’s looking after herself more.

She says: ‘Daisy’s gone through a bit of an image change recently and looks amazing but I don’t think she’s actually doing the Keto diet anymore, I think she’s just working so hard.

‘She’s being pulled in a lot of directions, which is amazing, but it means her feet don’t really touch the ground. 

Since her split from her husband and father of two kids, Will Weston, in July 2021, Daisy has undergone a body transformation, losing several stones in weight

Movie star? Daisy May Cooper, 36, is reportedly in talks to star in the James Bond films as spy chief ‘M’. The comedy actress flaunted her her new figure during the Brit Awards last month

Before and after: Daisy May Cooper has showcased an incredible body transformation since splitting from her ex-husband. Recently, Daisy posted a sexy mirror selfie where she wore a busty bodysuit with a plunging neckline and high-legs, with little left to the imagination (pictured right, and left in May 2019)

Proud mum: Gillian said she was thrilled by her daughter’s recent success and said she looks ‘amazing’ after her stunning weight loss. Gillian and Daisy May are pictured together

Mother Gillian (right in left hand picture, and pictured right) says Daisy (left) is single for first time in a while

‘What prompted the image change I don’t know, I think she is just stepping out on her own for the first time. ‘She’d always been in a relationship and this is the first time in a while she’s lived the single life.’

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Gillian admits her daughter gets ‘anxious about fame’ and suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’ which always surprises her because of her unique talents.

She says: ‘Daisy is someone who very much does their own thing. She’s just always been utterly unique even from when she was tiny.

‘But she does sometimes get quite anxious about fame. It doesn’t rest easy with her because she’s someone who at times has a bit of an ‘imposter syndrome’. She shouldn’t because she’s absolutely brilliant.

‘We think she’s a genius but you get the anxious side. People think she’s always so confident but she basically sees herself as a mum first and that’s the thing she cares most about. Everything else comes after.’

Daisy divides her time between London and the Cotswolds where she is mum to two children, daughter Pip, four, and son Jack, two, with ex-husband Will.

She has no plans to relocate to Hollywood in the near future and plans to carry on looking after the youngsters.

Gilliam’s added: ‘There’s no plans to go to America just yet – she has the children and so needs to be with them, they’re her main priority. 

Daisy May’s mother, Gillian (pictured) admits her daughter suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’ which always surprises her because of her unique talents

‘Daisy is mostly in London but she comes back to Cirencester for the children.

‘She likes to be around for them. It’s been tough because if she’s not here for them she hates it, she misses them so much but she’s a single mum trying to do her best work-wise and at the moment people are all talking about her so she has to try and capitalise on that.’

Daisy May Cooper and her brother Charlie Cooper bagged the award for Scripted Comedy for ‘This Country’, at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Award in 2018

Gillian says Daisy’s success has been well and truly earned.

She admits her daughter has some tough times in the industry following her stint at acting school RADA but is relieved the world finally got to see her talents.

Gillian, an artist who earns ‘a bit of pocket-money’ drawing scenes from This Country, explains: ‘Daisy’s always been one of those magnetic personalities, I mean you talk about the X Factor, she’s got it.

‘It takes me a while to realise that after years of willing it to happen for her it’s finally happened.

‘She went to RADA and then there was this gap when things weren’t happening but we realise that all these things happen for a reason because if it hadn’t happened like that she wouldn’t have written This Country with Charlie and Charlie wouldn’t have been in it so they’re on this trajectory and it’s almost a divine path but I’m just so glad she’s out there and people can see what she’s really like.

‘She he’s just a funny, beautiful human being and I just want the world to know that.’

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