Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host called out by fan after sneaky wardrobe mishap caught on TV

Dan Walker, 43, was caught by a fan who noticed the TV star had made a peculiar choice of outfit which he later revealed was a total accident.

The fan tweeted a screenshot of Dan sitting next to BBC Breakfast co-host, Louise Minchin, but the way he was sitting meant fans could spot his trainer-like shoes.

And, it wasn’t too long before one eagle-eyed viewer called Dan out on Twitter about his studio attire: “Forget the general election; this is this morning’s news Trainers and suit? @mrdanwalkerTchoh!”

The BBC host seemed slightly embarrassed, but made light of the situation with a joke after admitting he had picked up the wrong shoes that morning due to dressing in the dark.

They are actually golf shoes. Don’t tell anyone. It was dark when I got dressed

Dan Walker

“They are actually golf shoes. Don’t tell anyone. It was dark when I got dressed,” he confessed with laughing emoji’s.

Other fans were quick to reply to share that it’s not an uncommon mistake.

“At least they match. I went out wearing out coloured boots on Saturday. Same style just a different colour!” One said.

A second made a golf related joke as Dan enjoys playing the sport: “Yes, but what about the glove in your back pocket. You can’t blame that on the dark, surely? From breakfast to tee.”

“We’ve all done it. That sinking feeling when you realise you’ve driven to the shops in your slippers,” a third commented.

Another fan called wardrobe mishap’s “a way of life”, while someone else joked “I love that you’re human.”

He also posted a close-up picture of the shoes for fans to see: “They are actually a combo of golf / casual shoes,” he boasted after he was outed.

But fans weren’t too bothered about Dan’s wardrobe malfunction for long after the hosts introduced Hollywood legend, Jeff Goldblum to the sofa.

And, he certainly seemed to make a good impression among viewers.

The Hollywood actor and musician has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of his era, including Jurassic Park and Independence Day, as well as their respective sequels.

He featured on the show to talk about his new jazz album, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This that was released last Friday, and includes duets with Miley Cyrus and Gregory Potter.

Throughout his interview, viewers were hanging off his every word:“Down to earth, not one of those that wanted the interview conducted in an expensive hotel room, with white flowers and champagne etc. Lovely bloke. Great interview.”

“’Goldblum does BBCBreakfast,’ A wonderful morning treat. He makes me smile. I can’t wait for the new Jurassic World movie. Happy Happy Happy Excited.”

Another admired: “Great interview. It was like sitting in the living having a chat with two friends. Great artist.”

“Great start to the morning watching this interview. Jeff Goldblum is fabulous. Lovely to see you and Louise enjoying it too,” someone else gushed.

Fan’s reaction to the actor’s praise provoked Dan to respond: “Lovely reaction to our interview with Jeff Goldblum on #BBCBreakfastWhat a charmer he is,” before saying “we would have him” when a fan asked if they would feature Jeff more often on BBC Breakfast.

And it’s safe to say, both Dan and Louise came away gushing from the interview – maybe fan’s will get their wish and see Jeff again soon?

BBC Breakfast airs at 6am weekdays on BBC.

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