David Beckhams heart-melting encounter with 102-year-old fan

Kind Watch continues to recognise the celebrities who doing their all to help others. Last week, Rod Stewart’s generous offer to pay for NHS hospital scans courted the attention of headlines.

We are celebrating acts of kindness carried out by members of the royal family and celebrities from all walks of showbiz. 

Small acts of kindness or generous donations to those who need it most can have a huge difference on the world. This week, David Beckham leads the stars who have really impressed HELLO! and touched the hearts of others with kindness. 

David Beckham

David Beckham has warmed the hearts of everyone when he sent a sweet message to fan Mona Hurry, who is 102 years old.

Mona told Manchester Evening News: “David Beckham doesn’t have any airs and graces; he’s just himself. He never pushes forward. Like what happened when he went to see the Queen – people made a way for him to go ahead and he said ‘No, that’s your place, you got here first’. That’s the sort of person he is.”

Millie Bobby Brown

We really love that Millie Bobby Brown is using her platform to rehome dogs by sharing their stories. She gives her support to Joey’s Friends who look to find dogs their forever homes.

Among her posts, she wrote: “Ava’s heart is so full and we want to find Ava that home for life.”

The Princess of Wales

This week, the Princess of Wales has launched her kind early years campaign – which has been described as her life’s work – to support the development of young children.

Princess Kate says: “In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to help support parents and caregivers provide loving safe and secure homes for their babies and young children to survive.”

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