Deavan Clegg: 90 Day Fiance Star is Pregnant AGAIN!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans may be fatigued with Laura Jalalli’s pregnancy lies, but not all pregnancy news is fakery.

Deavan Clegg moved to South Korea after Jihoon knocked her up on their first night together.

Now, she has accidentally revealed that she is pregnant again, after someone she trusted betrayed her and spread the news.

In a private Facebook group in South Korea, Deavan Clegg wrote while seeking advice.

“So I am currently pregnant,” the mother-of-two wrote.

“And,” she added. “Do not have health insurance here in Korea and I don’t know where to start or what to do.”

“I just found out my insurance is not international,” Deavan admitted.

“I’m also unaware of how much it will cost to have a child here,” she shared.

Deavan concluded: “And I’m starting to think I should go back to my home country because of this.”

Giving birth in South Korea may cost something in the range of $70.

Most developed countries do not have predatory health care scams like the US.

But Deavan soon had other concerns, as she expressed on Instagram after someone leaked her big news.

“I was in a private Facebook group that is based in Korea with only Korean based people,” Deavan justifiably complained.

“So,” she expressed. “It’s sad to see my personal stuff being leaked when it’s a group I went to for advice on life in Korea.”

“Just shows you can’t even trust people,” Deavan lamented. “Even if it’s not even in your home country.”

(Deavan deleted this post later, so big shoutout to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates for snagging a screenshot with such alacrity)

“Please out of respect stop messaging me and asking me,” Deavan captioned. “I’m not going to speak about it.”

“I trusted this group,” she expressed. “And it was my safe space for a long time.”

“I know the person who [leaked] it and it saddens me that they did this,” she revealed. “But I’m leaving it at that.”

“I need time and I haven’t even told my family,” Deavan concluded. “Because of how early it is so stop messaging me about this topic.”

Later, Deavan found a clever way to redirect the conversation to something less personal — for her.

We are of course referring to Laura Jalalli’s bizarre pregnancy lies.

“I wasn’t going to speak out on this,” Deavan writes. “But knowing what I do I need to speak up.”

“It is never okay to lie about being pregnant,” she shared. “And use it as a way to get an abusive person’s attention.”

Some third-party reports have said that Aladin was emotionally and possibly physically abusive towards Laura.

“I’ve experienced abuse,” Deavan grimly reveals.

“And the best way to escape,” she counsels. “Is to leave it and not bother with it.”

While it is always better to avoid an abuser rather than try to “fix” them, we all know that leaving some abusers can be more dangerous than staying.

“At that point you are enabling the abuse,” Deavan laments, clearly speaking from her own horrible experience some time in the past.

“I know the truth and I will leave it at that,” she concludes. “I’m very saddened and disappointed to see all this.”

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