‘Do some work Jeremy Clarkson scolded by Clarksons Farm co-star Kaleb over farm issue

Kaleb Cooper fumes days after announcing exciting news

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, was jokingly told off by his Clarkson’s Farm co-star Kaleb Cooper, who instructed him to “do some work”. The TV presenter took to Instagram earlier today to share a scenic video of his Diddly Squat farm from above.

The clip showed the vast Chipping Norton fields where Jeremy opened in 2020 the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

In view of his 4.5 million followers, Jeremy wrote: “Diddly Squat in the spring time.”

But Kaleb seemed less than impressed with his co-star, as he told him to “get back on the ground”.

He commented: “What you doing up there.

“Get back on the ground and do some work.” (sic)

His comment appeared to amuse fans of the pair as it gathered more than 600 likes and various replies.

Instagram user Mcgale said: “@cooper_kaleb impeccable banter from you as always.”

Theukmachinist added: “@cooper_kaleb people will do anything to get out of abit of work.” (sic)

Dedolcevita joked: “@cooper_kaleb he’s allergic to work.

“Breaks out in a nasty rash that only a hawkstone can cure.”

Jamesofeurope echoed: “@cooper_kaleb he’s allergic to manual labour.”

Kaleb was introduced to Jeremy’s Amazon Prime show, Clarkson’s Farm, to help the broadcaster run Diddly Squat Farm.

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He often shares updates with fans on social media, giving them an insight into life on the farm.

On Thursday, Kaleb jokingly hit out at the “killer” price of fuel in view of his one million Instagram followers.

He uploaded a video with the caption: “Fuel price is a killer.

“I’m going back to old school farming using the real horse power,” he said with a laughing emoji. (sic)

In the clip, Kaleb said: “So I’ve just ordered some red diesel for the contracting business.

“Cost me £2000 for 1,800 litres, so mum if you’re watching this…”

Panning the camera to a horse, he continued: “I’m borrowing your horse! We’re going to go and plant some more spring barley.

“Come on Carlos, good boy!” he told the horse, as he led it away.

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