El Chapo's Wife Gets 3 Years in Prison for Drug Trafficking

El Chapo's Wife Emma Coronel Aispuro

El Chapo‘s wife will see time behind bars — but it’ll be way less than her hubby’s life sentence.

Emma Coronel Aispuro was sentenced to 3 years in prison Tuesday for her role in Chapo’s drug empire — significantly less time than what many people expected she’d get, which was somewhere in the ballpark of around 10 years, if not more.

Of course, she had prosecutors pushing for a fairly lenient sentence on account of her cooperation and plea deal — but it was unclear if the judge would still go easy on her. Seems the court felt her crimes she pled guilty to weren’t worth more than a few years in prison.

She’ll also have 4 years of supervised release and a forfeiture judgment of $1,499,970 representing proceeds of and property gained by Aispuro as a result of the crimes.

As we reported … Coronel Aispuro copped a plea deal earlier this year after getting busted for drug trafficking at the Dulles International Airport in Virginia. She pled guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana.

Her attorneys argued (apparently with some success) that El Chapo’s spouse was not a ring leader of any sort, nor was she intricately involved in her husband’s operation at a key level. They also claimed she only participated because she had no other choice.

Meanwhile, Chapo is living out the rest of his days behind bars … hopefully sans any more escapes.

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