Elvis Presley Once Snuck Into a Pet Store After Hours and Bought 15 Puppies: 'It Was Like 101 Dalmations'

Elvis Presley was an icon — beloved to this day even over 40 years after his death. The King of Rock and Roll came from pretty humble beginnings. But Presley managed to become one of the most famous musicians in the world. His success and lifestyle allowed him to do amazing things that others only dream of.

For example, Presley and his girlfriend, Linda Thompson, once snuck into a pet store after hours and bought 15 puppies. Here’s the adorable story.

Elvis Presley was an incredibly generous person

When Presley died in 1977, his net worth was a whopping $20 million dollars. That’s a big sum of money, and he wasn’t selfish with it either. “The King” liked to give gifts to others, particularly Thompson, whom he dated from 1972-76.

Express reports that Presley was known for his generosity; he gave a significant amount to charity on a regular basis. He also gifted his personal staff members with huge bonuses and even fancy cars. Thompson was naturally the recipient of lavish gifts during her time with him. According to Elvis.com, she says he was “a big giver” who “derived much more pleasure from giving than receiving.”

In fact, she saved a necklace that belonged to Presley for many years after his death. She eventually gave in to her son, Brody Jenner, who is a huge fan. Jenner called the necklace “the best gift ever.”

Presley once snuck into a pet store and bought 15 puppies

It seems like Thompson looks back on her time with Presley with great fondness. She recalls an event that not many people knew about, as Elvis.com reports. According to his ex, Presley was a silly man, and he had a soft spot for animals, children, and people.

Thompson remembers the time they went to a Memphis pet store. Although it was closing time, he bought 15 puppies. Thompson elaborated on the heartwarming story:

“[He] cleaned out every cage. He bought every puppy in the store, and we kept a couple. We kept a pug and a little Pomeranian and a Maltese and gave my parents a little poodle. And we were in the car. It was like the most incredible sensation. We had a little army. It was like 101 Dalmatians, but it was 15 puppies that Elvis bought.”

Buying the puppies was definitely a rare event

Buying even one puppy is a big responsibility for most people. Even though Presley didn’t keep all 15, it was still a rare event.

At this point in his life, he was on a downward spiral, isolating himself by not going out in public that much. His drug use was starting to take a toll on everyone around him, too. According to Thompson, “There was no place for him to go, and he kept falling back into this prescription drug dilemma.”

No matter his past struggles, Presley will always be an icon.

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