Emily Andrea says ‘it’s a shame’ Prince Harry and Meghan have left the UK after he breaks silence on Canada move

There have been discussions over whether the Canadian government should pay for security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex while they’re living in the country.

I think a lot of people will feel this should be their own responsibility as they can’t have it both ways if they want to become financially independent. But it’s a difficult debate.

I think their decision to step back from the Royal family is a real shame but we need to respect it. We don’t know the full story behind their decision, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I think it would be a shame to strip them of their royal titles.

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Also this week I saw James Jordan recently tried out a birth simulator on Loose Women. Pete experienced one a few years ago on the show and it was hilarious! James was shouting in pain and called it “horrendous”.

Some men think it’s easy and that kidney stones are more painful, but Pete has had kidney stones and he said labour was much worse so I always use that against him! James is expecting a baby girl with his wife Ola after they underwent IVF treatment.

They revealed that they didn’t tell their parents they were struggling to conceive and I think that’s understandable. Fertility struggles can be seen as a taboo subject while getting pregnant is seen as an expected part of life’s journey, but it doesn’t always work like that. I’m so happy for them both.

Following a vegan diet is going well so far! I’ve really enjoyed it but I am getting quite hungry. I don’t want to lose any weight so I think I need to up my calorie intake as most of the fat in my diet comes from dairy.

My body feels really clean for doing it. I could actually be tempted to go vegan for longer than a week, but I think in the long term I would really miss fish so maybe I should become a pescatarian!

One night Pete and I made an amazing rice dish with broccoli and butternut squash and we had a date night at Wagamama. We were so surprised at how many vegan options there were.

I’m not planning on making the kids try a vegan diet as I think it would involve quite different types of food compared to what they’re used to. If kids follow a vegan diet it’s important to make sure they are getting enough protein as it’s more difficult to absorb protein from plant-based food. There is also a risk of deficiencies such as vitamin B12, calcium, zinc and iron.

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It’s possible to counteract the risk by taking supplements, but for me I’m happy to carry on as normal with the kids. I try to make sure they have a balanced diet and they never have processed meat and we rarely eat red meat.

I made a cake for Millie’s sixth birthday from scratch and Pete said I should go on The Great British Bake Off! I would definitely consider it as I love the show but I don’t think I’m good enough! I’m good at cakes but I’d be a let down when it came to making pastries and bread!

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