Emma Roberts Is Unfortable With Your Celebrity Couple Obsession: 'It's Just Not As Fun When It's You'

Emma Roberts is enjoying her reign as Hollywood’s newest queen of horror. After a career-making role in Scream 4, Roberts has gone on to appear in some of the most popular horror shows on television, including Scream Queens and American Horror Story.

Roberts is currently camping it up in AHS: 1984, but the young star has also made a lot of headlines for her sometimes-turbulent personal life. Recently, Roberts opened up in a rare interview about her personal life, and why she doesn’t love being the subject of tabloid speculation.

Emma Roberts was in a long-term relationship with Evan Peters

Emma Roberts was born into a show business family and is the niece of famous actress Julia Roberts. She started acting at a young age and had early roles in films like Nancy Drew, Valentine’s Day, Aquamarine, and Hotel for Dogs. In 2011, Roberts broke away from her image of a sweet young starlet when she appeared in Wes Craven’s Scream 4.

Roberts impressed critics and fans alike with her bloodcurdling turn in the popular film and went on to become one of the biggest names in modern-day horror.

In 2012, Emma Roberts starting dating her Adult World co-star Evan Peters. Their relationship was problematic from the beginning, and in the summer of 2013, Roberts and Peters were involved in a domestic violence dispute which left Peters with a bloody nose.

The two got over the incident and by the end of 2013, they announced their engagement. In 2015, they broke up briefly but ended up getting back together by the end of the year. They would go on to break up and get back together once more before ultimately splitting for good in the spring of 2019.

Emma Roberts is currently dating Garrett Hedlund

While many fans mourned the end of Roberts and Peters’ relationship, the actress didn’t wait too long before getting involved with someone else. Shortly after her breakup from Peters in March 2019, Roberts was seen with actor Garrett Hedlund.

The two have kept their romance mostly under the radar and unlike Roberts’ relationship with Peters, the pair have mostly avoided attending red carpets and other industry events together.

While sources at the beginning of their relationship said that both Roberts and Hedlund were going to “take things slow,” the two are very much still together and reportedly, are quite happy.

Still, Roberts doesn’t love the constant speculation or attention, and in a recent interview, she explained why she finds the tabloid reports so strange.

Emma Roberts says that ‘relationships are hard’

In a September 2019 interview, Roberts explained why she tends to avoid social media, stating that it’s “toxic for your brain.”

It was during her relationship with Peters where Roberts first started to experience the downfalls of fame, and after their physical confrontation early in their romance, fans suddenly started to be very interested in what went on between them. 

Roberts revealed that “relationships are hard enough between two people, let alone two people and the entire internet.” She went on to say that the public’s obsession with movie stars’ relationships is “weird,” and that while she used to be interested in celebrity couples, “it’s just not as fun when it’s you.”

There’s no doubt that fans can become obsessed with celebrities’ personal lives, and there are entire blogs and websites devoted to certain movie stars and whom they might be dating.

Still, it seems as though Roberts has found a happy medium — she’s happily dating Garrett Hedlund and manages to keep the majority of their romance off the radar. 

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