Fans Are Living For The Banter Between Bobby Flay and This Celebrity Chef

Fans love it when celebrity chefs interact on social media. Beat Bobby Flay host, Bobby Flay, is among the elite chefs who make every attempt to interact with viewers on multiple platforms.

The chef and restauranteur often posts how-to videos, garnering comments from fans — and celebrity chef friends — alike. However, there’s one fellow chef who’s somewhat of an expert in all things Flay and fans are here for it.

Bobby Flay shows fans how to make salsa in his latest Instagram video

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s Instagram page is chock full of how-to videos for recipes Flay makes in his restaurants and in his personal life.

Some of the things he posts to his page include behind-the-scenes snapshots from one of his TV appearances, Flay answering fan questions, and photos of dishes served at any of his famed restaurants.

In his latest video, Flay teaches fans how to make “Red Chile Winter Salsa.”

“Super simple and so flavorful… this is one of my go-to recipes for red chile salsa during the winter months when fresh tomatoes are not at their best,” he says in the video. “Warning: This video will likely get you craving chips, salsa + margaritas!”

The 12-minute video has nearly 138,000 views with almost 400 comments from Flay fans — including the biggest Flay fan of all (and no, we don’t mean Flay’s Maine Coon cat, Nacho).

This celebrity chef called Flay out for not doing this 1 thing

Anyone who watches Food Network, or adores Flay, knows there’s one hardcore admirer who isn’t afraid to declare her undying love of the accomplished chef.

Sunny Anderson is Food Network’s resident Flay expert and she isn’t afraid to show it. As proven by her supportive, often hilarious comments to Flay’s posts, Anderson is the friend you want in your corner.

“Oh u fancy, huh? Graphics n stuff… it’s cute, Bobby. It’s cute,” Anderson commented. “…it’s cute cuz we know he didn’t do it…throwin up some claps for whomever diiiiiid,” she added with five clapping-hand emojis.

Flay bantered back saying, “big compliments from THE meme artist!” To which Anderson posted an artist emoji in response. She also offered helpful comments to a fan asking what to order at Flay’s restaurant, Gato. “scrambled eggs…trust.”

Fans are on board with the continued back-and-forth banter, but also, Flay’s look

While many were content watching Anderson and Flay go back-and-forth, some couldn’t resist mentioning Flay’s wardrobe.

“That looks good! But Bobby in those grey joggers is Dayumm!” one eager fan said. “IKR,” another added.

In another post, Flay spoke about his go-to breakfast, which is a smoothie. Anderson chimed in with 100 percent support — also for Flay’s look.

“BOBBY OUT HERE MAKIN BED HAIR A THING!!!! I’M HERE FOR IT!!!” she commented. “Ummm u need to hashtag #ad or are u givin up the goods for free? How we gon retire early if you just out there givin up free love? Look, nevermind…BED HAIR, I’m back on track!!”

Flay responded appropriately saying. “styleicon,” only fueling the fan’s burning desire to hear more playful banter. “MOST DEFINITELY,” Anderson, who later referred to herself as “the cheap Bobby Flay when talking about smoothie prices,” replied with a heart-eyes emoji.

Clearly, there’s nothing but love between the two chefs and we, the fans, thank them for putting it on full “disFlay.”

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