Fans React to Doja Cat Almost Missing Her Grammy Win With Sza Because She Was in the Bathroom

Doja Cat and Sza won a Grammy Award for their hit song “Kiss Me More,” but between a pair of crutches and a poorly timed bathroom break, the two musicians almost didn’t get to accept their golden gramophones. Here’s what happened at the awards show and what fans are saying about it. 

Doja Cat and Sza were nominated for a Grammy Award for their song ‘Kiss Me More’

According to Billboard, Doja Cat has earned 11 Grammy Award nominations, and this year she took home her first trophy. The award-winning song was “Kiss Me More,” featuring Sza. The other nominees in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category were BTS for “Butter,” Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco for “Lonely,” Coldplay for “Higher Power,” and Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for “I Get a Kick Out of You.”

When the winners were announced, SZA made her way up to the stage on a pair of crutches. She explained her injury in an interview, saying that the unfortunate incident occurred shortly before the award show. 

“It’s very funny because I fell out of bed right before it was time to leave and get ready for this,” SZA said (per Billboard). “Like the day before, but that’s the way it goes. Everything awesome in my life has always come with something like very random, but it just adds to the energy.”

In the same interview, the musician gushed about her “Kiss Me More” collaborator, Doja Cat. “She’s a star,” SZA said, “I think she’s so masterful … I’ve just been able to learn from her.”

Doja Cat nearly missed accepting her Grammy Award with Sza because she was in the bathroom

Although SZA was on crutches and needed help from Lady Gaga to get on stage without catching her dress, she still beat Doja Cat, who had taken an ill-timed bathroom break.

The “Say So” singer ran up to the stage, where she breathlessly adjusted her dress. “I have never taken such a fast p*** in my whole life,” said Doja Cat, catching her breath still as she panted into the microphone. 

She went on to say that while she likes to “downplay a lot of s***,” winning her first Grammy award was “a big deal.”

Fans are reacting to the ‘Juicy’ singer almost missing the chance to accept her trophy

Doja Cat fans watched or heard about her nearly missing her Grammy Award win because she was in the bathroom, and they shared their thoughts about it on social media.

One fan noted how the move was typical of the pop star by tweeting, “Doja being in the bathroom while she won her grammy is the most doja cat thing ever lol.”

Another fan commented on how relatable the incident was by tweeting, “I don’t think I’ve related to so much to a celeb than to Doja Cat after she barely made it back [in] time from the bathroom to accept her Grammy award 😂”

And another fan compared the moment to when Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her way to accepting an Academy Award for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013. “Doja Cat winning a Grammy while she was trying to go to the bathroom is probably the most relatable thing I’ve seen at an awards show since Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell at the Oscars. 🤣,” they tweeted.

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