Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Arie Luyendyk Jr. Grosses Everyone Out With This Pink Eye Cure…

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is having a totally normal one here, folks!

The former Bachelor star is living the dream with wife Lauren Luyendyk right now — as well as their beautiful daughter Alessi Ren — but something went horribly wrong on Monday night when he alerted social media followers he may have pink eye! Oh, no!

It all started on the new dad’s Instagram Stories late last night, when he revealed there was something wrong with his eye. In the video, speaking directly to his fans, the former race car driver started us down this disgusting road to, um, bizarre home remedies by saying (below):

“This is a bit of a sensitive subject. I don’t know if I have pink eye but my eye is red. You can’t really see it because it’s dark in here. But Lauren said that breast milk is actually a remedy for that.”

Uhhh…. come again on that last part there?!?!?!

Arie doubled down on the remedy, then, revealing he was actually going to try breast milk as a cure for pink eye. Prepare yourselves (below):

“Does breast milk cure pink eye? I’m going to give it a shot… what do you guys think?”

Are we sure this is a good idea??? Because we think it’s f**king insane, to be honest!!!

Nevertheless, Arie tried (below):

…and then, in vain, tried again (below):

WTF, man?!

When in doubt… ask a doctor!!!

As you can see (below) things quickly went to hell when it came time for Lauren to do her thing:

But… wait a minute… by Tuesday morning, the pink eye turned out to be GONE?! Arie updated everyone with a new video just a few hours ago and confirmed that, yes, his eyes were all clear (below):

Well, damn.

How about that! Who knew?!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? So crazy, right?! What a wild (and weird…) remedy!!!

Sound OFF with all of your reactions and more in the comments (below)!!!

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