Former Forever In Your Mind Boy Band Member Ricky Garcia Sues Ex-Manager for Alleged Rape

Ricky Garcia, formerly a member of Forever In Your Mind, is suing his former manager for alleged rape.

The 20-year-old former boy bander is suing Joby Harte and his company Hot Rock Media, claiming that he was sexually assault and raped dozens of times beginning at age 12, according to TMZ on Wednesday (September 11).

Ricky says his former manager used the “well-worn pedophile playbook of grooming and seduction.”

He claims on multiple occasions that his former manager got him blackout drunk, and then Ricky would wake up naked next to him.

He also claims that for his 17th birthday, his manager got in a shower stall and forced Ricky to touch him. Ricky says he never told anyone out of fear of losing his career.

He’s also suing a former agent for allegedly sucking his toes and a manager for grabbing him in 2016 as well.

“So please if anyone is out there right now going through something even remotely similar to what I went through, please, we all need to speak out about this– yes of course I want justice for the POS that manipulated me, but more importantly this is about saving anyone else who feels like they don’t have a voice, because I can tell you this. YOU are not alone. This can can happen to anyone that you know. It’s just a matter of talking about this to people and letting your close ones know that it’s not okay. So if anyone knows anyone else that’s going through this s–t as well. It’s so important to speak up for them??,” he wrote on Instagram.

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