Frankie Bridge says her life was a ‘mess’ when she was in The Saturdays as she looks back at decade

Former The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge has candidly opened up about how her life has changed over the past ten years as we near a new decade.

The 30 year old mum of two shared several photos of herself from her time in the female pop band and compared her life back in 2009 to her how her life is now in 2019 in the Instagram post.

The first photo is a comparison snap, the snap on the left shows Frankie posing in a sequin dress with her signature asymmetric short haircut on the red carpet while she was in the band which was placed alongside a snap of herself and husband Wayne Bridge with their children, Parker and Carter.

Writing in the caption, Frankie, who recently underwent a Himalayas trek for charity, looked back at how her life has transformed over the past decade.

She said: “10 year throwback to 2009vs2019…. a pro and con of spending my life in the public eye… lots of old pics on google the good and the bad!
“what I noticed… I didn’t wear a lot of clothes… but don’t remember being particularly confident

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“i wore a lot of make up and some dodgy outfits… I went out… a lot!! Whilst working a lot (do not have that energy now)”. [sic]

Opening up about her time in girlband The Saturdays, she added: “The Sats were smashing it but my personal life was a bit of a mess… I used to get my legs out… I definitely don’t now!

“I look happy but I don’t think I was… I remember feeling pretty lost… If you’d of told me then that in 10 years time I’ll be married with 2 kids I wouldn’t have believed you….” [sic]

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Speaking about how she feels within herself now, Frankie, who recently opened up about her own mental health battle, said: “am I confident now?… no… am I happier… 100%! Just showed me life is full of ups and downs… but it’s worth sticking it out for the ups …” [sic]

The honest post received more than 21,000 likes and loads of comments from fans complimenting the star’s honesty.

One wrote: “As a firm fan for years I've lovely watching your life journey. And as a lover of fashion and designer handbags I've loved seeing your collection. You've been an inspiration to me and still are. Xx” [sic]

Another added: “Babe then and babe now here’s to a new decade,” and a third added: “Beautiful words, and very inspiring, especially for me in the funk I’m in, to remember the funk is passing, and that always there is more joy than I sometimes let myself realize! Thank you!” [sic]

Frankie later opened up about how she felt when looking back at old photos of herself on Google on her Instagram story.

Speaking in the clip, she says: “God, I’ve just been looking through pictures to do the throwback to 2009.”

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She then throws her head back and exhales heavily before adding: “I mean, there are pros and cons to being able to put your name into Google – it’s nice because I can look back. There’s so many things that I don’t remember and things like that.

“But oh my God some of the outfits! I was young and I was in a girlband so it was kind of acceptable but now I’m like: ‘Oh my God!’. It was almost like clothes were were not a necessity so if the biggest thing has changed since 2009 to 2019 is that I actually wear clothes now,” she jokes.

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