Gemma Collins was ‘so poor’ growing up she ‘didn’t know what a toaster was’

Gemma Collins has admitted she was so poor growing up that she had no idea what a toaster was because her parents couldn't afford one.

The GC said that she and her brother had to toast bread on forks over the fire instead.

38-year-old Gemma made the revelation on her BBC sounds podcast where she discussed her childhood and growing up in Essex.

Gemma admitted: "My parents were very strapped for cash when we were growing up.

"We did not have a toaster growing up .Me and my brother Russell used to get our forks in the bread, put it on the gas fire and that's how we made toast.

"I never knew what a toaster was, it was only as I got older, we got a toaster. I had a happy childhood, I didn't know about money then."

But things are very different for Gemma now after she found fame on The Only Way is Essex.

In her early career, Gemma worked as a car saleswoman but after leaving TOWIE, went on to expand her horizons – and her bank balance – with a string of lucrative reality TV gigs including Celebrity Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity – though she only lasted three days on the latter.

This year Gemma became the star of her own show, Diva Forever, where she gave viewers a glimpse inside her glamorous lifestyle.

Gemma was seen jetting back and forth to Los Angeles throughout the series and enjoying no expense spared meet-ups with her US bestie Jonathan Cheban.

The duo were seen wining and dining and splashing their cash in style on both sides of the pond.

Jonthan – who calls himself 'The Food God' – said that Gemma orders so much food in restaurants that they usually have to get a second table to accommodate it.

Speaking to the Sun about their dates, Jonathan said: "We usually order so much stuff when we eat out that we have to get a second table

"I love her. We laugh non-stop."

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