Gretchen Rossi Slams Mom Shamers: You Can All Suck It!

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi has finally revealed photos of her newborn Skylar Gray Smiley (what a cute name!) a week after her birth. 

But before the precious baby girl made her big debut, people were not too happy with the fact that Gretchen took way too long to share her with the world.

Ok … the woman is 40, this is her first pregnancy, and she just underwent a c-section, give her a break! 

But unfortunately, we all know that’s just not how haters roll …

“I got back on my social today for the first time in six days after having major abdominal surgery and bringing a new life into this world,” Gretchen wrote on her Instagram Stories. 

“And I have to say I was not only shocked by some of the comments on my last post, but super hurt and disappointed by some of your guys’ attitude about how I have not shared pictures quite yet.”

She then went on to explain to her followers that she owes them NUH-THING!

“First, let’s be clear. I don’t owe any of you who are making these ridiculous comments anything,” she stated. 

“I was in the hospital recovering from a major surgery for 4 days and 3 nights, was in a ton of pain because of what had to happen during surgery.”

“Not to mention all [that] while being a brand new first-time Mom and having to take care of a newborn, and learning how to breast-feed, all while being emotional and physically exhausted,” she continued.

“I have to say it was honestly one of the most difficult things I have ever had to navigate.”

So yeah, posting wasn’t at the top of her to-do list.

“I was certainly in no way thinking about or concerned about posting on my social media,” she added.

She also took a moment to explain why she and fiance Slade Smiley have distanced themselves from their socials so that they could, you know, spend quality time with their newborn! 

And as for the haters, well she says to “get off my page!!!”

“The audacity some of you have to make comments and false assumptions about why I haven’t posted a picture yet, is quite honestly gross and hurts my heart.”

“This is my page and our journey with our daughter,” she reminds her fellow IG users. 

She continued with, “I love sharing it with those that can appreciate and respect that.”

“So if you have a problem with the way I am going about it then please click unfollow!”

The new mom, however, did go on to thank her fans and those who did leave her supportive and thoughtful messages.

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“For all of you who have left beautiful kind messages thank you from the bottom of my heart, (for knowing my true heart) and giving us space,” she wrote.

“Pictures are coming soon, we took a million of course and I just have not been focused on even looking through them quite yet.”

“I love sharing our journey with all of you who have been super supportive and wonderful throughout this whole journey,” she stated before adding one last thought. 

“However if you are a hater then you can go suck it!” she happily concluded her rant. 

Well, it looks like she showed them because these baby pics of Skylar are absolutely melting my heart!

We are so happy for this cute little fam and that all are well and healthy. 

Happy Parenting! 

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