Hollywood Stars Show Support for Israel Amid Palestinian Conflict

Hollywood’s biggest stars have come out in support of Israel amid their ongoing conflict in the Middle East — but there are hardly any backing Palestine … at least not publicly.

The A-list crowd has been pouring out with social media tributes all weekend — speaking on the violent clash … and denouncing the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas. Some of those celebs who’ve voiced their solidarity with Israel include Gal Gadot, Madonna, Ashley Tisdale, Scooter Braun, Mark Hamill, Amy Schumer, Natalie Portman, Kris Jenner, Jamie Lee Curtis and more.

While a lot of these famous folks are posting simple “We Stand With Israel” messages — others are offering a bit more of a nuanced take … saying it’s reasonable to both disagree with Israel’s treatment of Palestinians AND disavow the unhinged violence on Israeli citizens.

That’s a sentiment that’s been widely embraced by people of late … and we’ve been seeing that reflected in streets all over the U.S. — with many Americans waving Palestinian flags and screaming “Free Palestine.” As far as Hollywood’s concerned though … not very many are taking that firm of a stance on the issue — save for a select few like Mia Khalifa, etc.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There’s 2 people, specifically, a lot of celebs are waiting to hear from … and that would be Gigi and Bella Hadid, both of whom have remained silent — this despite the fact they’ve been very vocal supporters of Palestine over the years, and sympathetic to their cause.

It’s interesting … the fact they haven’t spoken up seems to have ruffled feathers in H’wood, with actress Sara Foster apparently calling them out — but without naming names.

She writes, “Watching Palestinian influencers on here refuse to denounce hamas, refuse to speak out against the barbaric treatment of children, refuse to hope for peace, all while living in the comfort of the US with zero intention of ever being in Palestine because they could never be openly gay or openly post their bikini pics is sadly not shocking. It’s easy to be outspoken from the comfort of your warm democratic bed.” Sure sounds Hadid-related.

Interestingly enough, some have speculated the Hadid connection may be why Kylie Jenner posted but then deleted her “Support Israel” Instagram this weekend. She’s pals with them.

kylie jenner instagram support for israel

In any case, it’s clearly a divisive issue … but just about every public figure is sending their thoughts and prayers to the innocent people being thrust into the middle of this nightmare.

The debate is sure to continue.

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