Howard Stern Compares Kanye West To Hitler, Calls Him 'Douchebag'

Howard Stern is ripping Kanye West apart … comparing him to Adolf Hitler while calling the rapper and his fans out for using mental health as an excuse for his racist outbursts.

Howard didn’t hold back on the latest episode of his SiriusXM radio show … referring to Kanye’s recent interview with Chris Cuomo — saying “you gotta hear the s*** this guy’s into”.

The host was hesitant about giving any more energy to the rapper … but draws a shocking — and ironic — comparison, saying “Kanye used to be fun crazy. Now he’s like Hitler.”

He then poses this idea to Kanye — “If a newspaper article doesn’t point out the fact that you’re some sort of designer or genius, maybe that’s not because they’re Jewish, but maybe because they just don’t put that much thought into who the f*** you are and what your business is.”

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As we reported, Kanye’s been digging a DEEP hole over his anti-Semitic comments … telling Piers Morgan his “death con 3” comments towards Jewish people were racist, and meant for it to be taken that way.

Stern also goes after Kanye’s defenders who are pointing towards his mental health struggles as an excuse  … “If he’s so mentally ill, why don’t they appoint a conservator over his money like they did with the poor Britney Spears?”

In other words, Howard’s not buyin’ any of it.

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