Howie Mandel Crosses Fingers 'AGT's' Heidi Klum Doesn't Have Coronavirus

Heidi Klum has someone who knows a thing or 2 about germs rooting for her — fellow “AGT” judge Howie Mandel.

Howie arrived Friday for a taping of “AGT” and intertwined digits as he strolled inside to film without an audience.  Earlier in the week the audience was 2,500 strong, but no more.

As for Heidi … TMZ broke the story, she showed up for a taping earlier in the week but left without going on stage.

As for what’s ailing Heidi, she explained … “I just wanted you to know why I have not been sitting in my “America’s Got Talent” seat … It started all with a chill, feeling feverish, cough, runny nose.  Ummm, I’m just not feeling good so that’s why I’ve stayed home to not infect any other people.”

As for the 800 elephant in the room — i.e., coronavirus — Heidi said, “I hope it’s just a cold.  I would love to do the corona test but there just isn’t one here … I’ve tried two different doctors and I just can’t get one.”

Fingers crossed.

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