Huey Lewis And The News Release First New Song In Over 10 Years

Huey Lewis & The News have dropped their first new single in over a decade, “Her Love Is Killin’ Me.”

“My head hurts, my body aches/ I quit drinkin’ but I got the shakes/ So sore I can hardly walk/ And I just mumble when I tr-tr-try to talk/ Stumblin’ and tumblin’ like a bumblebee/ Her love is killin’ me,” Lewis croons on the track as his longtime bandmates jam with drums, organ, guitar and a punchy horn section.

“Her Love Is Killin’ Me” is the rock band’s first music since 2010’s Soulsville. The track will be featured on the band’s as-yet-untitled tenth studio album, which is expected to drop next year, when the band celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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