Insane Super Bowl 57 Package Costs $1 Mil, Private Jet, Hang W/ Shaq & Gronk

rob gronkowski shaq

Flying commercial is so Super Bowl 56 — if you want to travel to Arizona for Sunday’s big game in style, there’s an absolutely incredible vacay package that comes with PJs, meet and greets with Shaquille O’Neal and Rob Gronkowski, and unlimited booze — and it’ll only cost you a MILLION DOLLARS!

It’s all part of an extravagant SB package put together by Wynn, aptly named the “Over the Top Package” … and it costs a pretty penny.

So, what do you actually get for a million freakin’ bucks?

-Access to a private jet — to and from Arizona — for you and 11 buddies!
-Meet and greet with Shaq, Gronk and Guy Fieri … as well as a private deck at all four events, including SI The Party with Machine Gun Kelly and The Chainsmokers.
-Unlimited vodka and champagne
-Security detail
-Fleet of SUVs
-VIP bathroom (this may be the best perk)
-Spa day (recovery after all the vodka and champagne)

gronk shaq

Of course, Super Bowl week is as much about the events as it is the football game on Sunday afternoon … and imagine how much you can flex on Instagram.

All it costs is $1,000,000.

If a milli is too rich for your blood, there’s a bit of a cheaper package that Wynn’s offering. Cheaper, not cheap. It’ll still run you $250K, and you’ll have a chance to attend Shaq’s Fun House, Gronk Beach, Guy’s Flavortown party … and have a catch with Rob himself!

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