Inside Ferne McCann’s pregnancy exercise regime with birth prep

Ferne McCann is keeping as active as possible in preparation for the birth of her second child.

Ferne, who is also mum to daughter Sunday, six, also admits her exercise regime has changed during pregnancy.

“I do lead and live a really active lifestyle," the 32 year old reveals. "I want to be active – I don’t want to go into this labour feeling exhausted, I want to feel ready and prepared physically as well as mentally."

Ferne also explains she's ditched her high-intensity workout regime of weight training and cardio during pregnancy because of pressure on her pelvic bone, but is finding other ways to keep moving.

“I’ve been on the birth ball as much as possible," she says. "I’ve been walking Sunday to school, doing yoga once a week. I’m six years older than when I gave birth the last time. I just want to be as prepped as I possibly can be.”

Due to give birth this summer, Ferne is excited for the arrival of her little one and to finally find out the gender.

“So many people think that I know and I genuinely don’t," she says. "I’m so looking forward to finding out if it’s going to be a girl or boy and my mind changes every single day. I don’t even have an inkling.

“This pregnancy’s flown by, where I almost don’t feel ready, I feel like I’m going to be more shocked with this baby than I was with Sunday. Second time round life doesn’t stop, but we’re so excited as a family.”

Embracing her pregnancy body is important for Ferne and tells us she has never 'felt sexier.'

“Me and Lorri [her fiancé] were laughing the other day, because he said to me, ‘You’re always naked!’ And yeah, I am, but it’s roasting, so what else can you do?

" I sometimes catch myself walking past the mirror and [I’m like] ‘Yeah, she’s looking good.’ I feel at my prime femininity and really sexy and that’s not in an arrogant way, but I finally feel confident in myself. I’m embracing my lumps and bumps.”

“I love these final stages of pregnancy," she adds. "Everything feels really compact and taut. I just embrace being pregnant – it’s mind-blowing, magical and crazy all at the same time.

"It’s such a surreal, alien feeling. I’ll never get over that there’s a little human inside of me. I love the female form.”

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