Jackson Wang’s "Titanic" Music Video Has Fans Drowning In Love

Jackson Wang’s solo album has been a long-time coming. Ever since Wang debuted with K-Pop group GOT7 in January 2014, he’s been putting his all into the group. Together with GOT7, Wang toured around the world and released album after album, but it wasn’t until 2017 when Wang decided to give a solo career a go while at the same time still being part of the group. Throughout the years, Wang has released a few solo singles, such as "Papillon" and "Oxygen," and although fans loved getting surprise singles every one in a while, they craved a solo album from Wang. Now that day has finally arrived because Wang has released his debut solo album, Mirrors, along with an epic music video for his single "Titanic," featuring Rich Brian. You need to watch Jackson Wang’s "Titanic" music video ASAP if you haven’t done so already because it’s so cool.

For starters, the black-and-white aesthetic of the music video puts the focus entirely on Wang, sending the message that this is a Jackson Wang music video, not a GOT7 one. Fans who watch the video will feel mesmerized as Wang performs cool and quick choreography alongside and impressive group of dancers, while at the same time singing the confident and sensual "Titanic" lyrics in a breathy, ASMR-like voice.

Rich Brian comes in at the second half of the video with his equally-as-cool verse, and the scene that follows shows Brian and Wang sitting in a car unbothered, despite the chaos happening around them. Basically, the run-down warehouse begins to flood and Brian and Wang start to sink underwater, NBD. Nothing says "cool, calm, and collected" like Wang’s "Titanic" music video, and you can watch it below.

Before Wang released Mirrors, he shared the album’s heartbreaking first single, "Bullet to the Heart" on Sept. 24. In an interview with Elite Daily, Wang explained that on the surface, the song may seem like it’s about romantic love, but it represents so much more.

"[‘Bullet to the Heart’] might sound like a love song based on the lyrics, but what message I wanna bring out through the song is actually just [about] life in general," Wang tells Elite Daily.

To accompany the emotional single, Wang also released an intense music video for "Bullet to the Heart," which showed Wang interacting with a mysterious witch-like woman in a veil.

You can watch the "Bullet to the Heart" music video below.

Mirrors has allowed Wang to branch out of his comfort zone. In fact, Wang has completely abandoned comfort to show a more vulnerable and personal side to him in Mirrors that fans have never seen before.

Not all of the songs off Mirror are so serious though, because some take a more lighthearted approach, like Wang’s revamp of Stephanie Poetri’s "I Love You 3000," which he sings in Chinese on his album.

On Oct. 15, Wang and Poetri also released "I Love You 3000 II," which features both of them on the track singing in English. They released their "I Love You 3000 II" music video to go along with their collaboration and it’s seriously so sweet.

All in all, Mirrors showcases Wang’s versatility and it’s no wonder why Wang’s fans are loving the album so much. Get to streaming, because Mirrors is totally worth the listen.

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