Jared Leto Climbs Front of German Hotel Without Harness

Jared Leto‘s not satisfied with being an actor and singer — he’s adding daredevil to his resume by skipping the stairs at a hotel, and instead climbing up its stone wall without a harness!

leto climbing

Jared was spotted scaling the Hotel De Rome in Berlin Monday. He wasn’t super high on the wall, but he was high enough to draw a crowd … and high enough to hurt himself if he’d fallen. He made it back down safely, though.

jared leto filming with younes zarou

Unclear what the actor’s intention was, although it’s worth mentioning he was there with TikToker Younes Zarou — the gang was shooting some other segments with Jared near the hotel, including a pretty rad smoke-filled shot.

It’s possible his free solo climb was for their mysterious collab … or maybe JL just got bored.

BTW, Jared’s been a bit of an adrenaline junkie for a while now — as we reported, he hopped in the car with NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick back in 2018 to promote a Thirty Seconds to Mars album, and he rode shotgun like a champ!

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