Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding menu involves beef, s’mores, liquor… and no pizza?

My top-five favorite things to talk about regarding celebrity weddings, in order: 1) the dress, 2) the food, 3) the cake, 4) the bridesmaids’ dresses, 5) the guests’ outfits. What can I say? You can tell a lot about a person from what they serve at their wedding. And g–damn it, please have a cake. The worst wedding stories involve “a fruit tart in lieu of a wedding cake.” Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence is getting married to Cooke Maroney. I thought the wedding would happen over the summer, but no. She’s going to be an autumn bride. An autumn bride with an amazing wedding reception menu! Jennifer and Cooke will apparently get married this weekend in Rhode Island (???) and TMZ found out all the details about the…menu. And I’m here for it.

Jennifer Lawrence is about to walk down the aisle this weekend — but the big scoop here is what she and her guests will feast on … a smorgasbord of fancy eats and drinks. We got some deets on JLaw’s wedding — which is going down Saturday at a swanky venue in Rhode Island, 8 months after she got engaged. We gotta say, for a relatively short engagement … they’ve put together a pretty elaborate affair. Clearly, Jen and hubby-to-be Cooke Maroney pulled out all the stops … hiring celeb wedding planner Mark Seed to do the party for about 150 people.

Let’s start with the grub, shall we? According to the menu, folks are gonna have their pick from a variety of hors d’oeuvres ..
.– sweet potato flat cakes
– brussels sprouts with cured egg yolk
– smoked pork belly with pickled apple
– salt cod beignet

Moving on to the main course options — here’s what Jen and Cooke, or their hired help, will be serving up …either wood-roasted fish with herbs and lemon-infused butter OR 5-week-aged leg of beef with forager’s sauce. There are veggies too — heirloom roasted carrots, smoked new potatoes, whey braised cabbage … blah, blah, blah. Let’s get to the good good.

Dessert’s coming in hot! Fire-baked sourdough bread pudding with chocolate; salted caramel and fresh apple; cauldron fritters with bourbon cream and cinnamon sugar; house-made marshmallow s’mores. As for drinks, specialty cocktails appear to boil down to either a bourbon old-fashioned or gin cucumber lavender champagnes … served at a cash bar. JK!!! Like we said, it’s gonna be extravagant. Dare we say … decadent???

[From TMZ]

BEEF. And lots of dessert options! And potatoes! LOTS OF POTATOES. I love Jennifer so much for this menu, I would marry her right now as well. You can really see Jennifer’s Southern/Kentucky influences in the desserts too, as well as her taste for more “fun” things. I mean, s’mores! Why not have s’mores at your wedding? BRING IN THE DORITO CAKE!! And I’m shocked that there’s not also a pizza option. She’ll probably have pizzas for the after-after party though, don’t you think?

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