Kate will have been watching Camilla with fascination – theyre a strong team

The nation saw King Charles lead the rest of the Royal Family to remember the war dead at the weekend as the National Service of Remembrance was held at the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

As well as senior members of the Firm who laid wreaths, Queen Camilla and the Princess of Wales took their positions on the balcony of the Foreign Office to watch the solemn proceedings.

But amid the poignancy was one moment between the two royal ladies that served to remind the public just how close they are and how they have been drawn together in the most unique circumstances.

The pair, who both looked elegant in black dresses and remembrance poppies, appeared overcome with emotion at times as the wreathes were laid and as the Last Post sounded to signal the two minutes silence.

As the service drew to a close, the pair turned to one another and shared a small smile, reminding royal commentators of the unique set of circumstances they find themselves in.

Speaking to OK!, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told said: "I thought there was some charming interaction between them at the Cenotaph. It’s such a serious occasion and one at which the tiniest gesture, look or action could be misinterpreted.

"The two women looked at ease with one another; united in the solemnity of it all. Camilla is the only mother-in-law Kate will ever have, but it can never be quite the same when it’s a second marriage.

"I think Camilla will always feel one step removed from being a real mother-in-law to Kate – but they do appear to have a strong relationship, and, quite frankly what’s not to like about one another?

"They are two very lovely women who share a most extraordinary and exclusive destiny… to be Queen. And they are also both devoted mums who like nothing better than to toss the regalia of royalty to one side and romp around the garden with the kids.

"I’m sure Kate must have been watching Camilla’s metamorphosis from commoner to Queen with particular interest and I think it must be reassuring for them both.

"What a unique relationship it must be there is literally no-one else for Catherine to turn who has direct experience of the role that will one day be hers. And very few people that Camilla would feel able to confide in about the reality of it all."

Jennie's comments come as leading body language expert Judi James examined the pair's interactions during the service and called them a "strong team".

She told the Mirror: "Standing apart, almost at either end of the royal balcony and without Sophie present to create the usual trio of royal brides, Camilla and Kate presented visibly as status equals here.

"Their poses looked similar and their almost matching, wide-brimmed hats were both pitched at exactly the same angle, with this mirroring giving the impression of a strong team of two as they looked down on their husbands laying their wreaths."

Judi added: "There was a moment at the end of the service when both women seemed to define the way that the late Queen’s death has left them still needing small royal hierarchical reminders or cues. Camilla turned her head towards the interior but it seemed to need Kate to say ‘after you’ as she turned in the same direction. Camilla threw her wide, affectionate smile of what looked like gratitude as the two women stepped elegantly inside."

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