Katie Price gets more lip filler and admits she looks like a puffer fish

Katie Price said she looked “like a puffer fish” after topping up her lips with more filler.

The former glamour model, 45, updated fans on her new procedure as she spoke about her cosmetic enhancements on her podcast.

Katie has been open about hermany treatments over the years , including breast enhancements, a nose job and various filler procedures.

Updating fans on her latest look on The Katie Price Show, she told listeners: "I had my lashes done last week, had my lips done so I look like a puffer fish at the minute”.

Her sister then replied: “Oh I noticed them, they look so sore!"

Last month she told her fans she was feeling ‘refreshed’ after getting a new nose, lips and anti-wrinkle injections.

She told her fans: "Oh my God, I've just had my anti-wrinkles done, my new lips done. I've got my new nose, I'm feeling refreshed. Not bad for 45, ey?!"

The star also opened up recently about her decision to go under the knife for another nose job – although she admitted that there was "nothing wrong" with her nose before.

"There was nothing wrong with it,” Katie shared on her podcast. "But, years ago when I had it done I had it shaved – I broke my nail as well because I didn't want to take my nails off – anyway, years ago when I had it done they shaved it, and it didn't need doing then.

"It was just because I was under having my boobs done at the time that I said, 'Have a go at my nose.'"

The star went on to say that this time, the "real reason" she had her nose amended was because of a previous "lip lift" surgery in Turkey a couple of years ago that left her nose "wonky".

"My nose looked weird since he'd done it, so I actually had it broken [this time]. I've never had it broken. I said, 'Make my nose look pretty,' so I don't know what it looks like and I don't know what to expect," the star added.

However, not everyone is a fan of Katie’s love of cosmetic treatments.

Katie’s mum Amypreviously revealed she ‘absolutely hates it’ when Katie gets surgeries.

Speaking to Vanessa Feltz on TalkTV she said: “I absolutely hate it and she knows it. I think she, and I got her to admit it the other day, ‘you’ve got body dysmorphia.’”

She went on: “You know you look all right but why do you think you need to tweak this, tweak that or have a tattoo or change her hair?”

She added: “I think when there’s moments of upset or she’s not feeling right or she needs comfort in a way or hurt that’s what she does because she thinks she’s in control of herself.”

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